xXBARNSLEYFCXx General topic


This is my general topic

You want to talk to me.Now is ur chance XD


What are you working on at the moment?


nothing.Unforunately I have been really inactive on hopscotch.


Plz people reply
Wait lemme get the tag list


Summons @tankt2016/@MiracleShoutouts
Le >: )


tag list


That right. Tag the only other person to reply here :clap: :joy: :joy:


I'm sorry mummy . Le XD


Yes I had a meme for that


GIF version


XD .New profile pic I see


Yup. :sunglasses:

tags @AHappyCoder


Plz can people go on this.Just Coz I'm not famous


You wot? Hello Frenpai!!!


Hello frenpai. How's life


Life's is well. What's up on HS for you Frenpai?


Nm .I never go on it. :sob:


Nooooo!!!!!! Why not?


I don't know .
1.I can't code so people ignore me
2.I work hard on projects and it gets about 5 likes .So I kinda give up.
3.I got one shoutout And the person that gave it to mewas an RP person so nothing happened

  1. You can.

  2. takes time! Advertise too!

  3. Well that shoutout probs wouldn't be seen much