Xse Is Back -- Warning (Moving Topics to Lounge)



Hey guys, as you might have seen, Xse is back on the Forum
I don’t know if he will settle down a bit, but I am taking necessary precautions:

• Moving my topics to the lounge

This reason I am doing this is so that my topics won’t get destroyed/vandalized by a flame war. I suggest you to do the same. Or ignore Xse altogether.

Tally ho! :ok_hand:


Ehh, but hopefully he has changed. Anyways did you open the topic of the featured projects?


I followed your eggs ample.


Which one?
I’ve been creating my own for the past 2 hours and got some good things going on (in a private message)


Thanks :ok_hand:
Yeah, I’d like to keep my topics safe :/



Ah, ok
I’ll show you

How do you invite people to DM’s I forgot how
(I’m not even close to finishing it yet, there are so many tags, I probably have like 100+ so far :neutral_face:)


I’d rather not do a DM. Maybe go in my GT then you can delete it?


Sooounds goochie :ok_hand:


wait you can

DO THAT??!??!?!!?!?!11?


Which account is he? I’m not sure.


he isnt suspended anymore, he is xse


Wait, I thought his account got deleted?


Maybe he’s changed? If we just ignore him he’ll go away. Hopefully.


I hope so
That’s why I’m moving some topics into the lounge

So he gives up and leaves

Honestly, it’s really unfortunate


What did he do in the past??


Yikers, quite of lot of things:

(I’m gonna need to edit those titles)


yo, dude, there are tons of us who wouldn’t be super happy about everyone’s topics being moved to lounge. :///


That is truuue

We will take them back out again after this subsides (which will hopefully be soon)

We really don’t want our topics vandalized by this user :confused:


So he is @xse? Hopefully he has changed like other people said.