XiaoMiaoMi's quitting explained


Well, I was talking to XMM with email, and she has quit the forum and is not coming back D:

She just wanted me to make this clear.


A Happy Coder


Is she quitting Hopscotch and not coming back?


Oh no! I can't believe this, she was so nice, inspiring, and an amazing friend. If you have contact with her, can I write a message? :sob:



What's going on...

She can excess the forum now, but she decided to leave.

And she's leaving hopscotch?
Or is she? :0



Okay, I will ask XMM


How about a quick trip to my positive topic for a burst of potatoes and happy?

I'm sad too ;~;


@treefrogstudios @SmilingSnowflakes She can't use the forum and has quit hopscotch D:


Well, that's her choice. I guess that's how it goes... Tell her we miss her and we hope she's happy with her other things. Tell her that we aren't all bad. Tell her that... I'm praying for her. Tell her I said that. Also...



@Dude73 go ahead. You can write the message!


Nuu... She so awesome... I will try to stay positive...



Ooooooohhhhhhhh.... Okay. And thanks.
For the explanation.

This is sad. ;-;

... One second...

I need to write something.


NONONONONONO. Why is everyone quitting?




Tell her I wish her the best.


Que sound of breaking heart.

I just deleted that long reply by accident...

It took so long. ;-;

I will write a new one.

Sighs and starts writing.


Tell her this please @AHappyCoder.

Hi. You may not know me that well... But I just want you to know that I will miss you. And that maybe. Just maybe. When this is all over. You might come back. But with everything... In the future... That probably won't happen. This is probably the last thing I'll ever get for you to see. So I want to make it count... Here's what I was working on for you... It's not done nor the best. But I hope you like it.



@kiwicute2016 can find that post for you


Loss is something we all go through
And I don't want to make this worse than it already is
But I can't help it.
I know I like sad things
But those are all made up
In real life when it happens
I never know what to do
But no matter what.
We'll miss you.


XMM, I am so sorry. I never really got to know you. You are an amazing person, and you are super kind, loving, and a beautiful friend. I am so sorry I never got to know you as a friend. It was my mistake, and I am so guilty about it. I understand why you left. Having people be mean to your best friends behind your back must be really hard. You are so strong, and you handled it so well. I can't believe you are gone now. It feels different here now. Everything feels a bit sadder now. You were, and still are, and inspiration to so many people. I want to write so much more, but it would get personal and I would probably make you think things about me. I am so sorry you left, and I hope you have an amazing life. I am sending all of my love to you, Mi, and all of your other friends. Thank you so much for being with us for the time you did, and please know you will be missed. Everyone here cares about you, and wish you good luck. Stay determined, strong, and if you're having a tough time, smile. It helps. I regret becoming your friend. ;n;

Goodbye, my friend.

(Here @AHappyCoder, I couldn't decide what to write)


Oh well bye...

All my favorite Hopscotchers are leaving...