XiaoMiaoMi's Q+A!


I have gotten a lot of questions on the Hopscotch app lately, so here's where you can post them! I also have a Q+A account.
So... Yeah.

Please no innappropriate questions. They will be flagged promptly, and seriously, why would you ask anyone an innappropriate question?


How did you get into hopscotch?


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@Dude73 It was first introduced to me during the Hour of Code. It was a mandatory app, and I got really into it! That was last-last year, when the app was REALLY new!


@Intellection74 I would say Chibi, because its so simple, yet sometimes so powerful. It's cute! And, it's the first style I leaned, so I have good memories using it.


What made you continue your career as a coder on HS? :D


Yes potato or no potato?


@RenegadeBird1 At first, I sort of stumbled around the community. The EXTREMELY cringe-worthy projects on my old account prove that.
One day, I noticed Duckman Terry, the star of the old days, had liked one of my projects, one that had actually required some thought. That was what really made me want to continue.
And then I left for summer break, returned, and immediately saw @OrangeScent1 and @LotsaPizza. That's when I feuded to become an artist.


@Stick88 Always potato. Or yams. Probably one of the only words that begins with Y that is actually good...


1) What is your Q & A account?
2) Favorite Animal?
3) Favorite food?
4) Favorite hobby outside of Hopscotch and art?
5) How did you get your username?


@Glitter_Kitty Oh boy, this is going to be an essay...

1) It's XiaoMiaoMi's Q+A
2) Either the Avocet or the Wobbegong. Avocets just have this sense of gracefulness, yet social awkwardness to them, and I think they're beautiful. Wobbegongs... Seriously, who can resist that name?
3) RED BEAN BUNS. And noodles. And then bubble tea to go with it.
4) Badminton! I love playing badminton! I used to be on a team; I'm going to try out for my high school's badminton team.
5) Okay, this is a long story. ahem

Long long ago, my father was going to school when he met two other boys. The three became good friends, and all decide to come to America together from China.
The first one to settle down has a daughter, and called out the the second to live there. The second then settled down as well. Then my father came to the same area. BUT THEN...
All three of them had a daughter around th same time. These three children would grow up as friends, and come to be known as the XiaoMiaoMi group: one person being Xiao, me being Miao, and the third being Mi.
storyteller voice ends
"XiaoMiaoMi" means Little Meow, or Little Cat. It is also a play on words for "A Shy Smile".

flops onto bed
This was very long...

  1. How did you first learn about Hopscotch?
  2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and how does it describe something about you?
  3. Describe yourself in five words.
  4. Choose one of your favorite possessions and how it describes your personality.
  5. Favorite emoji?


These are just comments/notices lol
1. Omg I love bubble tea/red bean buns!! :D!!!!
2. You play badminton? Me too! Although, I prefer tennis!
3. Wait a minute... just connecting the dots...
• OrEndA called you "Miao". She's part of the group, right?
• You posted in your channel some friends you had. So it could be either katinatophat, or allosaurous.rex. BUT, allysaurous.rex has curly hair(I think), which is a small chance that her dad is from China. But of course, she could always curl it, it doesn't have to be natural... 🤔🤔
4. *Claps
5. ...and a like for you! :heart:


Sorry... I was drawing something on Hopscotch (just posted it)


1) From school, the Hour of Code from last-last year.
2) My favorite ice cream flavor would be honey, or matcha/cha/green tea.
Honey: It's natural and sweet. I don't believe in makeup, and I also don't believe in normal social stuff. I just sorta be... Me, I guess, and it all works out fine.
Cha: It's traditional Chinese tea, and often mixed with herbs like dried tangerine peel to make herbal remedies. I really like learning about traditional Chinese stuff, ESPECIALLY acupuncture and medicine, so this is pretty representative of me.
3) I. Am. A. Rebel.
4) Probably my jade necklace. It's a self-polishing jade, meaning over time, it becomes smoother and smoother. I think this represents how my personality works: over time, it shifts and forms into what it is today.
5) :chestnut:. It's so well shaded...


@RenegadeBird1 Wow...
I'd like to give a few pushes in the right direction.

1) @orenda was logged on while @i.is.an.anonymous was on. @i.is.an.anonymous is the XiaoMiaoMi group, making @OrEndA automatically not a part of it. Sorry, OrEndA!
2) @OrEndA called me Xiao, not Miao. Because that is the first syllable of my name.
3) Katinatophat and allysaurous.rex are not part of the XiaoMiaoMi group.
4) Other than me, nobody in the XiaoMiaoMi group uses Hopscotch.

You really thought that post through, though!


But this says 喵, not xiao.. :O
Also, thanks for clarifying! I was rlly curious... :sweat_smile:

Look @ this :3




Hang on...lol
Ok, I got it! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


src="/uploads/default/original/3X/3/0/3098c97ee94e1549356ac6d3c7e842c829beaa78.jpeg" width="540" height="500">



Oh, @RenegadeBird1
This may be a little late to say it, but I didn't mean on Hopscotch.
When I tagged her a few thousand times on my story topic, she responded with "what do you want Xiao ;-;".
I think this may have been because she didn't know I was Miao, but that's what I meant.