@XiaoMiaoMi needs a new profile picture! (Competition) (Stage: ALL SPOTS TAKEN! IN PROGRESS)



So, basically, I need a new profile picture! I know, my current one is adorable and whatnot, but I do seriously need a new one.
This will be held in a competition format, and with a lose.rs' bracket, similar to the layout of osu! World Cups.
Up to 16 people can join, but if there are more, the maximum will increase to 32.


You will each have a month to work on your creation, and all of you will start from the same day. Art can be accepted in any form; I'm fine with projects, drawings, sculptures, and even text art.
Copying another drawing without giving credit will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification, as well as some reputation loss from me.
Only start drawing when I say to go.
All questions must be asked before I say the contest starts, which will be in a long time.
When you have your entry, upload it as a post on this topic!
I will start a poll with links of different posts, which will be closed after 1 day.

Stuff I Like

Just draw what you know or think I'm interested in. You can even draw me, if you want. Remember, ask all of your questions before the competition starts!

People currently in


Happy Competing!


The only art I can do is machinima. And it's Yandere Sim. Sorry.


Can I join? If yes, then I have a few questions. :smile:


Sure, I'll join! :D

Also, I'll ask some questions. :D


@XiaoMiaoMi Can I please join? :D


Can I join too? I love art.


Could I join? Sounds fun!


Can I join? It sounds super fun! :D


I drew my entry! :D


Oh wait a minute.. We have a MONTH. i am totally losing this thing.


Can I plz join? I would love to draw a profile pic for you! :blush:


Cani join? Plzzzzz? @XiaoMiaoMi


Also, @XiaoMiaoMi, I'm thinking of something to do with your username, but would you want it to be about your hopscotch username or forum username.


Can I join?


We have the same profile picture!


Yay Twinkie!!!! This rocks


could I join? I'd really love to design a prof picture for you.


Yes, you all can join!


I would prefer my XiaoMiaoMi name, but Shivelight is also okay!

And don't start drawing until we say go, because you'll miss information that might be crucial, and I'm not judging on who finishes first.


Yay! Thanks! :D

Are we allowed to ask you what you like/don't like?
(e.g. Do you like chickens? Do you like blue? Is there a color that you don't like?)

I just asked a question about asking a question. XD


cool. I'm really excited