@XiaoMiaoMi is drawing profile pic requests!


Okay maybe it doesn't have to have black puffs and a turtleneck! Just do what you think it's best!


hey @XiaoMiaoMi
since you haven't started mine yet, is it possible to have my picture changed.

I just want an anime boy with a panda hoodie.
1)black hair
2)big eyes with brown pupils

Surprise me plz!

Love ur drawing though, there awesome!!!

Anyway, Thanks so much!!!!!


Yay! So excited my pic right now is just a drawing I did.


I have started on yours. Except for the few really new requests, I've finished all the linearts.... -_-

Okay, fine. You can have your request changed.
Seriously, though, changes don't make me all too happy.

Sorry if that sounded mean, but I have a lot going on right now and changing isn't helping at all.

EDIT: I'm sorry this came out so rude. It's just... Stress.



SOOOO sorry.
And thank you very much for changing it!!!!


Hi @XiaoMiao I don't want to stress you or be inconsiderate but the artworks you have done are beautifully detailed and could you please draw me a wallpaper for my iPad? You don't have have to I'm just saying could you? Okay so a girl in a panda suit with chocolate Pocky in her mouth. There is a huge Pocky packet next to her with a panda lying in it. Pandas and chocolate and strawberry Pocky everywhere! I don't want to bug you or anything but I kindly ask if you could. By the way if you reply please don't overreact or say in a rude tone.

Drawing on paper compared to

A bit like this


Sorry for randomly requesting something for you @SoBit


Hi! Thanks for being really apologetic abou this, but sadly, I just don't have enough time. Drawing each and every one of these takes a ton of time.


@XiaoMiaoMi Are you almost done?


Hi @XiaoMiaoMi sorry to bother you but when are you finishing mine? It's already been the end of this week....



I'm so sorry! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry...

puts on resolve face
I will get at least three done between today and tomorrow. Maybe even more.
Once again, sorry to EVERYONE about the delays!

And if there is anything you want to say to me, PLEASE tell me! I really like knowing what you guys think!


Can I have One ???!


Status update?? 202020


When is mine going to be finished??





I listened to:
(Don't have link)
Eh? Ah, Sou (Soraru Remix)

This one really helped with positioning, and perspective. I really had to focus to get the lineart correct, and even then I was trying my hardest.

I used Animation Desk (AD finally gets the spotlight...)


I am of enjoy! Nobody needs grammer


to @XiaoMiaoMi
When will mine be done?


Draw a fish or a shark or a random Anime girl