XiaoMiaoMi Imposter!


Yes, I know i am not @XiaoMiaoMi but I am really angry at this imposter! First of all, he/she says that they are the real XiaoMiaoMi and starts to say that it is actually Mi. Then they start to argue with the REAL XiaoMiaoMi that they are the real XiaoMiaoMi :unamused:. Finally, Mi is in a hospital being treated for cancer, so I would say that she really wouldn't be up for arguing with her friend and playing Hopscotch. This is really annoying because these arguments are also clogging up my following channel. So long.


I'm sorry. The argument has stopped, and I think the situation is taken care of.

I just really, REALLY don't like how they pretended to be Mi. And how they ON PURPOSE tried to start more drama.

Once again, I'm sorry that this happened.

I hope you can accept my apology.


Oh... Imposters. Ignore them, they just want drama.


Thank you to both of you. It is just how there were so many arguments in my following chnnel LOL :blush:


Excuse me @XiaoMiaoMi sorry to bother you again, but do you know happyemojis? It seems that he/she really wants to be your friend even though they don't know u in real life?