X’s General Topic!


Hello there guys! This is my GT, where you can talk and all of the stuff.



please dont tag omtl in general topics


Hi! Welcome to the forum! I’m @Explorer_, if you need any help just tag me!


but wow you like the x files?

if so (spoilers ahead) have you seen the donald trump parody? you know,
that alien one?


How did the OMTL work? There’s 152 users?

Oh! I think Liza must’ve raised the limit!



oh but shoot now u can’t test out the fake omtl


I did! That was too funny!


i know lol “you’re bringing drugs, you’re bringing crime, you’re bringing rapists”


We’re going to build a big, translusent wall


Hello! Are you new to the forum? If so, welcome! I am @William04GamerA! If you need any help, write " @William04GamerA " in a post to notify me. In that way, I will be able to help you!


Aw i thought it was a magnus chase reference.


wassup I’m new

I love hopscotch