Wynter is here, but not Winter, but let’s not argue over semantics [ʷʸⁿᵗᵉʳᵈ'ᵃᵐºⁿᵈ'ˢ ᵍᵉⁿᵉʳᵃˡ]



I’ve gtg @photographer123 so bye if your still here


Bye! Thx for chatting.


I’m back @photographer123! :slight_smile:


Hi @SummarianStudios!


Okay – wierd question @BotanistGirl24, but does your name happen to start with an H, and have you ever taken online classes? If so, we may have met in an online class.

Edit: nevermind – it says on your bio that your name is Suzanne. But the other question would be good, we may meet in an online class!



It's a delight to have new forumers come! To get started, browse through some of the topics that have already been created to see what the forum is all about.

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  • Always make topics relating to
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Places to go when you don't have any ideas for what to code

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Rawrbear’s list is an impressively long source of inspiration!

My list is one that anyone can add to – it’s constantly changing.

This is Work_kids_coding’s topic of creativity – it has a lot of fun things other than coding ideas!

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Nice title @MR.GAM3R! :smiley:


If you live in Venisuela, you probably have a friend named Hitler.


About 85% of America’s money is missing.


I gave Kay Kat and tfs 6 notifications a piece last night just linking helpful topics.


Actually AI isn’t commonly used but I guess in you debugging topic it is…


@WynterDiamond cool! Thanks for putting my topic up there!


Aww sorry I don’t take online classes! All my school work is in books except my Spanish is on the computer but it’s not online ;-;


That’s okay :slight_smile:
Since we live in the same state, there is still a chance of us meeting, though.
Do you like your schooling?


Hey Wyn.
:))) how are you?


Hi! I’m doing well, how about you?


I’m okay, thx!
Have you been working on anything lately on HS?


No, but I have a geometric background request for MR.GAM3R to do, and I think that I am going to improve my AI. How about you?


congratulations on the feature @NindroidGames !



Inviting all to the

🥐 Great Breakfast Battle Disabled Veterans Fundraiser Picnic 🥞

5 Hopbucks per plate of potatoes, grilled vegetables, and potato cookies

10 Hopbucks to come to the after-picnic bandstand party

Come to SweeTeaStuffz’s general topic [http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/heeyyyo-sweeteastuffz-ded-general-topic-for-all-things-random-pjo-hoo-hp-and-amazingness-ect-tea-is-amazing-luv-ya-photo/34920?u=sweeteastuffz&source_topic_id=37009], Any time September 16th and 17th, Saturday and Sunday.

War Veterans



add your name if you are coming
A random fox
@Explorer_ tag me when it starts
@Madsie05 I’ll bring lots of potatoes :3

No need to add your name to a list if you are not coming!

Look at Gobli’s GT to see what we are talking about if you don’t know :slight_smile:

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