Wuuuuuut? THT profile glitch thing


So this is what i saw in THT's profile:

Those two projects were the ONLY thing in their profile. Can someone else check their profile?


It's fine for me.




It's fine for me too :D


Oh sorry i just realized that that is a fake account. @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 can someone close plz? Thanks!


How is it fake? I know someone could easily fake the username, but the avatar? How on earth could someone get that avatar?


That is the one thing that i dont know... But the Hopscotching since december 2013 is wrong, and i am following THT. I searched for THT's actual profile, and found it.


It's working properly for me, so I'm guessing the problem is on your end?
IK That probably wasn't much help have a nice day have a like


That's the oddest thing ever... How could anyone get that profile pic


They are THT, probably.


Ok. I found that profile by clicking on a remix thing, but when i searched The Hopscotch Team, that peofile didnt show up.


Maybe it was an old THT account and they made a new one? They probably changed the avatar so everyone knew it wasn't a fake...

Idk. XD


Thats a good and possible theory...


Thats happened to me before!


I think that's the problem. Sometimes when you click the grey thing on top of a remix, it brings you to the user's old page, with the username they had at the time, and I guess the projects too

Idek tho


I think this is their old account.