Wut do you want? (Hopscotch Trends)


What types of projects do people like right now?
What things do people like?
I want to make a project with the top ten appropriate things people like. Can I get your opinion? After I have a lot of opinions and repeating opinions, I will make a poll and people will vote for their fave trend.

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Peoplelike quality coded projects


Well duh. I am wondering what types of projects people like. I know the basic principles of coding.

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Games, pixel art, trail art


Um, like, what objects? What trends? What fads? What goals?

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Um the fan blade object was a fad because it resembles a fidget spinner

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@HopscotchRemixer What do you like? You might find that other people have the same opinion…

Well I mean I don’t have HS anymore…
So I can’t really say

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Just tell me what you like… That is all I need.

Ummmm I like the Check Once Block


I like projects that are

whelp I never play projects on HS

I don’t go on HS

no one cares on HS

but I like trail art n fun games, not too complicated (like too many rules, etc), but exciting :333

idk I’m no help :DDD

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Hmm I think people like cool quizzes or interesting scary games
Not like simple dodge the monkey games where the player moves his character up and down the screen while bananas come flying at him
I’m talking about cool games like the ones that are veeerrrryyy unique
Like an interactive story, or like magma pop’s tower game
Or basically most games in game changers


I think people are in to things that are unique. I don’t think anyone cares for another flappy bird. They want to see something new, fresh, and special that has never been brought to the table. I know that is probably not the answer you are looking for, but they are just looking for the uniqueness quality in a project!

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