Writing/Reading on Paper Compared to an iPad (auto-correct, speed, etc.)


✎ Writing and Reading on Paper Compared to iPad ✎

Hei guice! This topics for all our writers on hopscotch to discuss and share their writing. Here is the place to talk about hopscotch based stories, and you are also encouraged to post your stories on hopscotch! We can discuss the differences, give feedback, etc!

Question of the week:
What English courses do you take?

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Great topic!

Is this related to Hopscotch in a way that I cannot see though? :slight_smile:


Yes it is, we discuss hopscotch stories and we publish our work on hopscotch. We can also find writing partners to code books o hopscotch.




QOTW: I'll be taking 7th grade honors English when school starts again! Yay! Except for our big end of year assingment everyone die.s over ;-; (in going into sixth grade)


Nice topic! Here's a like <3
I'm going into Honors Freshman Literature and Composition next year (what a long name lol), and I enjoy writing creatively (but not for school.. bleh :P)


Preview of Gilbert's Farm story

I was in the deepest sleep of my life, dreaming about— BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP my alarm clock sounded. Refusing to get up I reached out and felt around for the mute button on my alarm clock. No luck. I sighed and got up. Just another day, another dollar. Hopefully. I went down to the kitchen to find that my pet wrench, Squiddy,


Well I am really good at writing...


I don't really know what English class I am taking.

All it said on the honors letter that was sent home was all the core subjects, with English included.

I am going into 6th grade, BTW.


I'm in GAMA so I'm awesome


Unfortunately I can only take up to 7th grade English honors while I'm in sixth grade.

I'm desperately trying to think up a story idea so my WattPad doesn't look empty ;-;

I also tried poetry. How is one of my publised peices poetry? I stink at poetry! Listen, this is what I have:

It's not always time
Who is staring into the dark
He, who has been lost to innocence
In the face of light.
May yet scrape the bottom
Of the last one darkened.

My poetry is deep :sweat_smile: Sorry


Bump up the topic doopledoo someone should post now!


Have u read the boy in the striped pyjamas


Your poetry is 11/10

This is one of mine lol

I can't take it

I am always dreaming
But my soul is always screaming
I can't take it no more
I can't take it anymore

When will you understand
I will always keep dreaming
I can't take all this land
In your heart

Feelings in the dark
And now we trudge apart
Rolling down our cheek

Lost in the forest people call love
Will you look at me
I can't take it no more
I can't take it anymore

Life is like a maze
You always get lost
Hope is such a craze
I can't take it

I can't take it


Yup, it's really sad ;-;

What are you guys currently reading! I'm reading Clarrisa, or the History of a Young Lady. It's 1535 pages :P I've been reading it for a month in about 1/3 way through. I just finished pride and prejudice, Jane Austen writes the best books!


The Art of Racing in the Rain and Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.

Wendy Mass is an amazing author also.


Ooooh! I love her book Every Soul a Star!


I love her Willow Falls series and the Candymakers. :3


Candymakers is amazing :3 Have you read the candy shop war? It's really good.


No. I reccomend the School of Good and Evil. The ending is really twisty lol. It's also a trilogy. I've only read the first book.

Also Between the Lines and the Fault in Our Stars. Both also very good books.