Writing Partner!


I would like to write a story with a Hopscotcher sometime soon.
Or a few.
Make sure you have google docs.
And give me your email.
Also, I am LittleKitten1 on GoogleDocs



diabehere@gmai l.com
no spaces :wink:
I'm writing The Hopergent Runner (Collab)
Error Zero (Collab)
Hopscotchified (Collab)
Hopscotchified: The Glitches (Collab)
The Hopergent Runner: The Killzone (Collab)


Can somebody add all the people in for me? Cuz I can't!


sure just invite me to the dox or just use a new blank 1?


Invite me. My dad put a lock so I can't invite!


Name it EmeraldKittyCat so I can find it.




Thank you soooooooooo much


what was the email for it?


uh oh.. it wont let me send it... wht do i do?


R u using a school account?


Uh maybe LostaPizza can help....


no it said that yours was unable to be reached..


I can!


Thx! Plz add us name it LES


okay good! i sent it to u did u get it?


Yup! @EmeraldKittyCat what's your g mail?


Um no. @LotsaPizza , can you send to us?


I can't share! It says that your school won't let me.


Plz name it LES LotsaPizza