Writing contest II


Because if it is, this will basically be my story.
Title: My Coding Adventure!
So I was dragging out a set invisibility block, and I said, "Oh no! Not set invisibility! Set size!"
So then I dragged out a set size block and entered 50, when i realized that...

So, yeah... It'll be like that.

this is not my entry!


I just made a little... Poem-ish thing? There's mild cussing though :confused:... It's about Hopscotch
EDIT: ok it makes it sound like I hate Hopsctoch, I love Hopscotch, the mild cussing is me messing stuff up


Username: Snoopy (:art:)
Date: 12/31/2015
Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance
Title: The Wall Between Us
The light from outside pours in the window, and I'm instantly captivated by the nature and beauty of the outside. I'm stricken by all the leafy green plants and lush vegetation, until I sense danger. Peering outside, I notice something terribly wrong. The water from the river was rushing upstream. what?! I tie up my hair quickly, and lace up my black boots.
"Jack!" I call. The forest is deadly silent.
"Jack?!" I call again. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. Cracks begin to form on the surface, and the cabin collapses. I find myself sprinting wildly, letting my arm rip against the vines that I'm thrashing against. When I slow down, I begin to feel the pain. Moaning, I sit down, and try to remember that this is a simulation. Deep Breaths. Deep Breaths I fill up with air, and exhale, when I hear a piercing scream.
Jack?! I stand up, but I instantly feel dizzy.
"REBECCA!" I hear. This can't be happening. Jack is in danger. Jack is in danger.
Jack is in-----

The world slows down, and I find myself where I started, in the white room. I just escaped this room. Why am I here? Then, Jack appears.
"Rebecca, help me!" he moans. He's clutching his arm, which is torn badly. I check my own arm for the cut from the vines, but my skin is good as new. Trying to move, I squirm and squirm until the force holding me behind releases me. I'm pushed onto the ground, and Jack is still on the floor. I sit up, and look at Jack straight in the eye.
"Jack, can you hear me?" I say. He doesn't move. His eyes are glossy, and his lips are frozen.
"Jack, I said can you hear me?!" I repeat, shaking his frozen body. Then I remember this is a simulation. I try to calm down, but my heart is breaking me apart.
"Oh, Jack." I wail. His blonde messy hair is like a wet mop, and his blue eyes keep on looking forward. I have to get out, I have to. I start to scream, spinning around dizzily in the room. Then, I pounce onto the floor, roaring like a mad tiger. I'm going insane. They have to let me out from this room eventually.

"That's enough, Rebecca," I hear. I look up. Good, I'm back in the office. Jack is waiting for me outside, and he embraces me in his arms. I'm cozy for a few seconds, but then the Doctor wants me back inside.
"Rebecca, do you know what you have done?" the doctor asks.
"No, but I know what you've done. You tortured me!" I snap. The doctor looks thoughtful for a second, but returns to me.
"You have just humiliated me. Disgusted the whole office." he scolds. "You were freaking us out. You have severe issues, Rebecca Watson." I ignore his scolding, and I catch Jack flashing me a smile from outside.
"Go. Shoo, you disgusting child." the doctor says bitterly, fists clenched. I leave the office, and Jack grins.
"Was I in your simulation?" he asks playfully.
"Maybe," I say, nuzzling his neck. He pushes me away for a second, but gives me a serious look.
"Okay. I'm next." he says. "Try not to freak out when I start crawling around the floor like a madman." I laugh, and intertwine my fingers with his. Then I give him a final kiss as he enters the office.

I stand outside, and pull out my iPad. Coding helps me pass my time. The Hopscotch icon waits for me, as I plunk into a chair. Jack's Hopscotch account was amazing. He published all sorts of projects, and I played them all. One time, he helped me with one of my projects, and it got featured. I tap on his profile and scroll through his latest games. Wow, great art, I think, scrolling past a 3D watermelon. The screen showing the simulation starts, and I sit back, and watch Jack.


Username: Creative Coder
Genre: Horror (what, I like horror...problem?)
Title: Kill or be Killed (here's a gold star if you get that reference :star2:)

Panting, mild crying.
Running for your life.
It was following me... I don't know what it is but I'm terrified. Whether it was the metallic grinding noise it emitted, or the black smoke that went up into the air from it, it made me want to get as far away from it as fast as possible.
The Editor was a scary place. People always praise it when it is harmless, fun, and in Hopscotch. It's way different when you're in it. Yet there I was, a person sucked into the Editor itself, a defenseless pixel large person.
I was considering how unlucky I was and still am. First, I got sucked into the demonic Editor of Hopscotch. Second, I couldn't have even been sucked into Scratch. I'd take the Scratch cat over the thing chasing me any day.
I tripped on the seemingly smooth tan, gridded floor.
I saw it. It's cold, soulless eyes peering into my heart. I knew who it was.

To be continued?
(Why? It ties in with Hopscotchified)


Ok here's the... Poem?

Title: Me when coding
Genre: A... Poem?
By AvocadoDon't

NO wait I meant [insert number]

Nope nope this was a bad idea

This actually looks pretty nice

What even- why did I- HAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, that's too slow... How about- NONONONONONONO

quietly sitting, looking very focused and slouched over iPad

I'm really proud of this.

The End.

I changed it so there wasn't any cussing, :confused:, the original only said cr*p though, I even have to censor it out 🙁


Title: Before the Rain Comes (chapters)
Username: friendship2468 and Friendship Studios
Theme: Realistic Fiction
I have a whole page of my stories about this. It's a chapter book.


In don't wanna put hopscotch in mine. Mines a series of writing that I've worked really hard on!


I'm scared to look in the mirror now...
great job?


You're so welcome. Can't wait for you to read Hopscotchified XD
(i'm sorry :joy:)


that's totally ok!
In fact...I've always wanted to scare the nuggets out of people!


Well in HF you kidnapped Rawrbear and turned PopTart0219 and A Happy Coder evil. Good job, story you?




Ok, I'll stop now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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A) It's writing so it is on topic
B) I just said I'll stop a post ago ._.


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A) spoilers about the story
B) OH MY GOSH I'M TRYING, OKAY? sorry but... : (
C) He was in before you because he's an editor too. Special treatment, I guess...idk


Should I submit something else? The poem was kind of weird/random :grimacing:


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Here's my story that I just made right now

Title:the story of DragonDog

A normal dog was walking down the street, it was raining and everything was all garbage around him. He went on a search for food because he was so hungry but had no luck. He found a dead end and something strange on the wall, it was an iPad, a old barely working iPad. He went closer to it but then it started to malfunction, there were many apps on that iPad that started to fall out but he started to get sucked in. He crashed into a dragon and than got sucked into an app called hopscotch. Somehow the dog and the dragon fused together and turned into DragonDog. He had a lot of adventures in hopscotch, some dangerous and some fun.

I actually just made this now and now I'm thinking of making it a series