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Hi my name is PercyJackson9 and I am hosting a writing contest!!
Must post a example of your writing. Please make it short. Example:

Tittle: the protector

"Kipper, come here" lizzy said to a small boy named Kipper.
"Yes m'dem" kipper whispered and ran over leaving the post he was working at.
"Emperor Geustas requests you presence at the senate meeting. Go clean up Darett will work at your station during your absence." Lizzy said after kipper has came over.
"Oh, thank-you m'dem." Kipper replied with a bow
He ran across the land of red sands and got to his house and ran in.
"Mum, geuss what the emperor has requested me to go to the senate meeting!" Kipper exclaimed practically yelling.
"Good, maby you will turn out like rachelo." She said said sternly almost as if she didn't care.
He got dressed feeling a little depressed. And sad because of what his mother had said but he wanted to make his mum proud. He hailed a Warcraft and they started off for the senate house on planet fredeses. In side the Warcraft(all of the people called this ship,the destination senate #34) there were tablets and I-phones and iPads. Kipper just sat down and noticed a bug like creature starring down at him.
"My...name...is....Drates....tereded...nice...to...meet...you." The creature said in an E.T. Like voice.
"Good afternoon mr. Tereded my name is Kipper." Kipper said weakly for he was quite scard.
"We must teach you the ways of Hopsotch." A chorus of voices said.
"Grab... A... iPad..." Mr. Tereded told Kipper.
"Who are all of you?" Kipper asked.
"We are the hopscotchers." They echoed each other when they talked.
Kipper grabbed an I-pad and made up an username. His username was asteroiddude35, created a password and logged on.
"The emperor has requested that you are s protector of hopscotch, we will train until the senate meeting and after that we will train some more!" They told him
"First look up the username kings berrydohboy and look at his projects."they told him as his first mission.
"This stuff is horrible, so mean I can't believe it." Kipper said in awe
"I know, go to the three dots and press report project. Then leave it alone" they told kipper to do.
As kipper did that a battle helmet sprung on his head.
"We were right he is the chosen one. He will stop all ■■■■■■■■ on hopscotch!!" They exclaimed excitedly.
"Senate stop ahead." A voice said over the intercom
"Bye!" Kipper said as he jumped of the plane.
The senate meeting was so boring kipper fell asleep 5 times. When it finally ended everybody left except kipper.

Thank you!!


Author: Meh, LP
Genre: Sad
Title: Loss
When the tears are down my face I can't stop them.
They flow in an organized, synchronized manner that makes my heart ache.
"Jacob?" The word comes out weak and I struggle to keep myself under control.
"Sis," Jacob replies. I stifle a scream. "Juli. You're okay. Good," he smiles and so I try to smile back, but it comes out tight.
"What happened?" I ask him. My nose must be red by now.
"I sat right next to the explosion. They think I'm letting go." He chokes on the last sentence. I leave him, not sure what to say. I bet he would like to die in peace, not with my tear-studded face as the only memory of me.
I hope he'll live.


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Author: me
Genre: Yandere fanfic
Title: senpai

"I can't feel anything." "For as long as I can remember I could never feel emotions" "I know I'm broken down, but I don't care" I exclaimed to myself. "But when I met him. My Senpai" for the first time I felt something. Something amazing. "I'm addicted to the way he makes me feel." "And now someone is trying to take him from me" "she wants him. But not in the same way I want him." She could never deserve him as much as me." "I don't care who I have to hurt for Senpai." "And I don't care who's blood I have to spill."

RING,RING,RING" the alarm clock went off. "Aauuuggghhh!" I shouted. I love mornings but hate the awful sound of an alarm clock. My heart started pumping. I get to see Senpai today! just the thought of him made me want to jump up and say yay. But the real reason I love mornings, is because everyday I have a fealing that Senpai will notice me!

The first day of high school went out great. I ran out the door nearly forgetting all my books and papers for the new year. During lunch I saw a girl stalking senpai! I got a photo of her face and sent it to info-chan. Info-chan told me the girls name,interest and crush. Wait, her crush is senpai?! My first reaction is to kill her with a knife. But I'm too close to senpai and he would never love me then. So then I decided poison! I'll kill her with poison!

So first my plan was get to the chemistry room and get poison, then put poison in her lunch! Then she could never love senpai! But I know that if there's one lover of senpai, there's more. So I put the poison in Kokona's lunch and ran away. My first mission was completed but now more to go.