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Hopscotch Writing Competition!

Welcome to the first annual Hopscotch Writing competition. Please only submit ONE form of writing, and add your username. I'll judge, and all forms of writing are due Janurary 1st.
The winner will get a story written by me about them, and probably end up even more famous.
I'll pick the winner on Janurary 1st, and announce them. Include: The Genre, The Title, Your Username, (on hopscotch) and The Date You Published. If you have any questions, add @Snoopy in it, and I'll answer.
Here's an Example:

Title: The Newcomer

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Date: December 28, 2015

Author: Snoopy

The first time I notice her, she's staring out the window, eyes frozen with fear and hands shaking. Her pale face bring out her blonde curls, which cascade down her back, and her light brown eyes. The snow outside is lightly descending towards the clear blue lake filled with life, but she brings darkness to the light of the orphanage, even when the sun shines through the glass window. That's right. We're in an orphanage. Sometimes I wonder how all of us got here; we all look differernt, but I feel as if we're a family. The orphanage is small and cozy, and we all are grateful for the fire that always seems to be burning.
"Hey," I say lightly, tapping her shoulder. She turns around abruptly, her hair wisping across her face swiftly. Her eyes burn with anger for a second before she realizes its me; the girl who has been staring at her for the past few hours. Oops.
"Oh, hey," she says, but then she turns back to the window.
"What are you doing?" I ask, trying not to sound stalker-ish.
"Waiting for my stupid father to pick me up," she snaps. "I was plucked from my bed and dumped off here without any notice."
"Well good luck," I say. We both watch as a truck pulls up to the orphanage. She straightens up a bit, and fixes her hair.
"Is that him?" I ask. She seems offended.
"No, that's our servant. My dad would never drive that piece of junk." Her hair springs around as she stands up, and she runs outside.
"Christina!" a woman sobs. "Oh, Christina." Her mom looks desperate, with her arms tightly wrapped around Christina's pink dress. I'm pushed aside as Maria, the leader of the orphanage, rushes outside.
"Christina, you must come back." I hear. I hear Christina weep at the sight of her mother being pushed back into the truck, and I duck under the window. Maria brings Christina in, who is crying loudly into her dainty hands. Once Christina sits down next to me, she spills out everything.
"My dad!" she wails. "He's dead! Lost everything!" Her lower lip quivers and she collapses onto the wood floor.
"My mo..mom.. has to work for that man to repay him, I'll never see her again!" she screams, still in a fit of tears.
"Oh gosh," I say. My heart aches for Christina. Christina is pulled away from me by Sandra, a teacher. Maria comes to sit with me and she squeezes my hand.
"It's nice to see you've made a friend. Christina has gone through very much. She seems fond of you." Maria says.
"What happened?" I ask.
"Christina's father was a very rich man, but won all of it by gambling. One night, he played so much that he lost all his money. He wouldn't give it out, and was beaten up on the streets. He still owed debt to his servant, and her mother was snatched away to live with that wicked man." Maria explains. I don't say anything. Instead, I bury my head into Maria's chest, listening for her heartbeat. It beats strong. Good. Maria was like a mother to me, always there. I never knew my mother.

End of example!


I'll totally join! I have three parts to my story written down.
The link to all of them is here, I hope you enjoy them! P.s. I'm making more, I'll alert you when.

Just click the title
Title: Before the Rain Comes (chaps.)
Genre: Realistic fiction
Date: December 28, 2015
Username: Friendship Studios


Does it have to realate to Hopscotch? @Snoopy


I'm going to be away, I can't be in it:
In the pain of missing this writing competition-the thing I was born to do-I lost my life my everything. The only thing I ask so painfully is that I get more time to publish it. I hope this is valid
~ Stampy's fans
Title my pain
Date 29th
Genra: dunno


Don't think so?


Title: Loud Silence
Genre: Horror
Hopscotch username: Creative Coder
Date: December 28, 2015, but just made right now (not published)

I was quivering in my lilac nightgown. Its eyes were piercing the surroundings. Those eyes I could never forget; those eyes as black as its soulless heart. I think it was a 'he', but it is the barbaric nature that made it an 'it'. I was hiding behind the sofa I was sitting on mere minutes ago. And then it came.
I was watching the news, bored. The news anchor was droning on about a murderer. "Lock your doors, shut your windows. Stay safe, everyone."
I rolled my eyes. Murderers? Yeah, right. False hype to get everyone scared. I turned the channel to Nightmare on Elm Street and laid back.
There were some thumps outside. "Be quiet, dog!" I called.
More thumps.
I groaned and got up. I looked through the peephole to try and see the annoying dog. Then I saw those eyes, and I ran.
The door busted open. The thing was right there, exactly as the new described. It was wearing a black cloak with a black hood; the eyes peeking out from a crack in the material. And there in its hand was the bloody weapon.
I was as silent as a mouse, trying to take a sneaky peek at it. I accidentally hit the remote control to the television. A loud, snappy program turned on.
It turned to look at me with the cold eyes of stone. Silence wasn't quiet enough.
The last thing I ever saw were those pitch black eyes of insanity, staring right through me.


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Title: Somethings, wrong...

Genre: Sceince Fiction

Hopscotch username: Alliband2

Date: 29 December 2015

No. I still couldn't believe it was that moment. The captain came in to the cockpit. He looked at Joe. "You ready?" He asked. Joe nodded. He was quivering. The captain directed his glance toward me. "You?" The captain questioned. I wasn't, but I nodded. I looked out the window. I saw my daughter waving. This is probably the last time I'll ever see her. The count down started. I was tempted to run out of the spaceship. "Seven, six, five..." I only had seconds. "Two, one, zero..." Too late. "Take off!" There was a round of applause from the crowd. As the space ship lifted from the ground, my stomach dropped. 
The take off seemed like forever. I looked back. The world was just a mix of colours. My daughter was there somewhere. The captain announced that take off was successful, and we may now go around. Joe and the captain immedeatly unbuckled and wandered off. I stayed put. My legs felt like jelly. Water was gathering up in my eyes. My mind was racing. I know my therapist said I must think of the good things to come, not the things I left behind. Yeah. At a time like this. I'd love to. How I thought I'd love to listen to music right now. I looked around. No radio. Typical. I found myself singing a song my duaghter made up when she was four. I was never a good singer. But at that moment I realised how much joy it brings. "Hey! You now how long you've been here. Three hours, that is. Or more like six years, back on our old planet. Hehe." The captain said as he sat in the seat next to me. Six years? It just can't be. My daughters turning sixteen. I can't miss it. I turned pale. How could the captain not care at all.
  Everything went black. Our spaceship was hurtling toward the ground of... Mars. I could smell smoke. We heard a scream. My first instinct was to pop on my suit. The captains was different. He sprinted, quite slowly, towards the screaming. "Joe's dead!" He shouted. Only in time for another set of screaming, along with another person gone. The fire was coming towards me, and I was hurtling towards Mars. My suit was on. The hatch was guarded by fire. Instinct took me. I kicked the front glass. It cracked open. I jumped out. I was tumbling towards Mars faster than light.



No. It has to be appropriate tho.


Part 2

I was hurtling towards Mars. Thoughts swirled around me. I thought I was living my last seconds. The rocky red surface became clearer and clearer. I hit something, I hit something hard. I black out.
I woke up on my kitchen floor. Wait, no? I felt my surroundings. There was sand. There's no sand in my kitchen. I looked at the sand. It was red. It all came back to me. I was quivering in fear. I know, people that are about to die are usually humble and all that. But I wasn't I was hoping I'd at least get to have my favourite, spaghetti bolonaise, as my last meal. Now I think. What was going my last meal ? Oh boy. It was those disgusting spinach rolls that mum made. Ugh. I was lying on the spot, about to die, so dyhydrated. This must be way worse than dying in the desert. I blacked out again.
Something was taping me. I fluttered open my eyes. No it couldn't be. I rubbed my eyes. Still there. I pinched myself. Still there. It was that robot on Mars. Oh my word. I felt relief, and embarrassment. NASA employees would be seeing me. Oh, wait. They don't know about the accident. "Check 1, 2, hello?" Came the robot. I jumped in surprise. "You- you speak?" I stuttered. "No. It's us from NASA. Are you Joe?" They asked. My stomach did a somersault. "He's- he's, ummm dead..." I said. "So- so is the captain." I stuttered. "What? We thought you'd die first! Oh, sorry. Um, so, uh, your, your on Mars?" The NASA team asked. "Where else would I be?" I asked. "Yeah. Um, so we are ending a rescue pod, ya." They said. And then the robot rolled away. I was so tired, that the moment I closed my eyes, I was snoring.
I woke up to find myself in a comfortable bed, back at home! My duaghter was delighted to see me wake. I apparently was in the headlines of all news. I'm never, ever going to space again...



There is absolutely no way I will NOT participate in this,
So here I go!

Title: вяαи¢нєѕ

Genre: Action/Horror/Romance(ish)

Date: December 29, 2015

Author: LotsaPizza (Dia)

I try not to breathe.
The scar on my face burns on impact with the water, and the gash in my thigh seeps with blood. I'm in a water tank, and I need to escape. I'm losing my air.
I'm going to die
I'm going to die
I'm going to-
I know that Time won't let me. I'm close to him. Losing someone you love is like losing a chunk of your heart. But one thing keeps clawing at me.
Like a tiger, clasping your stomach until you give up. Driving you slowly insane. I move towards the glass and push my hands against it.
The glass will break
The glass will break
The glass breaks, and water floods everywhere. I see Time, standing in the corridor, staring in shock at my limp body. There is a branch in his arm- I have a similar tattoo. He stares at me, more and more. Then he finally loops my into his arms. I didn't die.
"You lived," he says. I bet he's expecting me to be all happy.
"You put me in there," I say calmly, "Right?" Time's eyes flood with sadness.
"You would die if I didn't. They would've... Killed you in the bloodiest way possible." I can see a tear in his eye, lighting the soft blue up. I look at the blue, the green, and the pink, swirling in his eyes. Like mine. "You're safe now," he says.

The orchard smells delicious.
I walk through the rows of trees, each one delicately mended by Mother Nature herself. The branches twist and curve in all directions. I pick a sturdy tree- big trunk, tall and wide branches - to climb on. I position my feet so that they can support my body weight. I'm small and thin, therefore people tend to underestimate me. My wispy, naturally pink hair whips my face.
"Seven?" I hear someone say. I turn to see Melody, twirling her black, smooth hair into a braid. I set my bottom onto a branch.
"Hi, Melody," I murmur. There is something twisting in my gut- guilt.
"I'm sorry I hurt you. Is your thigh okay?" She asks, in a soft, calm voice. I start to sob.
"Melody! Stop apologizing to me. When I fought you back at base... Oh, the look on your face, Mel, it'll haunt me forever." I put my head in my hands.
"Seven," she starts up the tree, towards me. "Seven," she says louder, now positioned next to me. "Seven, I'm sorry. But Time wants to see you. Give you medicines," she whispers softly. I nod and head down.

Time is waiting for me in my room.
"Hey," he says.
"Hey," I reply. He looks sheepish.
"Come here, let me treat to your leg."
I walk over and sit on the bed. He puts some sort of an antibiotic onto the wound. Kris walks in seconds later.
"Seven! I heard what happened! Are you okay?" She screams.
"Well, I don't have a bullet in my head, so yeah, I'm cool."
Time snickers, and I press a hand to my mouth to cover my grin. Kris laughs.
"Well then, you're coming to dinner, right?" She smiles.
Time grabs my hand. I let out a laugh.
"Yeah, Kris. I will. I'm starving. We're all on a branch, right?"
Time squeezes my hand. A soft smile settles onto Kris's eyes.
"Yeah, Seven. Family."



You said, "Your coming to dinner, right?"
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Title: The Search
Genre: Fantasy
Date: December 29th
Author: Fifithefunnyflower
Fiona's POV
The First Day I met Jake I thought he was kind of rude, he still is...but when I finally found out that he was an Avell hunter like me I started to think differently about him. Sadly I was paired with him for one of the biggest mission yet I couldn't wait. Scared..but exited. The next day was our first day of training. The organization sent a fake permission slip for my parents it sign(they do not know about Avell)I said I was chosen to go to a special boarding school but really that wasn't true. The next day I brushed my long brown hair And put it up in tight ponytail put on my fake school uniform,said my goodbyes and left. A special bus came to pick me up. I was the last stop. And the only people on the bus were me,Jake, and this guy who looked like an instructor. The guy said "Welcome to Avell Training camp."
There was no turning back.....
Jake's point of view
Fiona...one way to describe her...Brave. I had known Fiona was an Avell...back when we were sevens Fiona ate an apple but after she ate it it turned red... That may sound normal to you but we live in a perfect world me and Fiona get to see real stuff like pain sorrow and love we don't have those around here people who do get to see that are Avells they are kids who are born with memories of the past.
We would be going on our first mission today a scary one one where we would have to face the memories that we have received...We would be facing them in The Maze maze full of impeccable things you would never imagine. We took a bus to the training camp and there was some instructional guy with scars all over his face who whispered in my ear
beware you'll never make it out alive....no one has. those words rang in my head
Right then I knew there was no turning back..........


Title: Lost and Found (Excerpt)
Genre: Science Fiction/ Horror
Date: December 29, 2015
Author: OrangeScent

"Can't catch me!" I tease to my friends. A game of tag always gets me going in the morning. The air brushes against my face as I swiftly run away from my chasers
"She's -huff- too-huff- FAST!" Alyssa groans. Mike nods in agreement.
"Yeah, let's just take five." Alyssa didn't wait and plopped to the ground.
I looked behind my shoulder, and was disappointed to find no one trailing behind me.
maybe they're hiding I think to myself. I spot a large, grey cave. "Well, at least I can be safe in there," I murmur thoughtfully. I know Alyssa and Mike hate spiders and bats, so this wouldn't be their ideal hiding place. I enter the cave, it is moist and has moss growing everywhere. Well, I might as well eat something. My stomach is in a battle between my brain
"Ive been running for 2 hours!" My stomach complains.
"But what if Alyssa tries to jump scare you here?" My brain counters.
In the end, I took my sandwich out and devoured it.
Just as I was about to make my way out of the cave, I heard a low rumble coming outside. I decided to stay put, in case it was a bear or a lion.
A lion? Come on, Claire, you're 12 years old.
The rumble quickly evolved into a roar. Almost exactly like a lion's.
Sweat is beading on my forehead. What should I do?
What if this is their home?
What if Alyssa and Mike are in danger?
Then, there are the screams.
Blood curdling, unholy screams. So unsettling that it seemed the Earth was shaking. I hear footsteps, yelling, sirens.
Stop being afraid, look outside!
And I do.
It's the most frightening sight.
The sky has turned a maroon color. Like blood covering a glass dome.
Then, there is the bombs. The destruction is unreal. When the bombs hit the ground, a silvery wave spreads throughout the entire field, setting fire to everything in its path.
Including humans.
They instantly fall to the ground, and stay limp in the burning fields.
I try to look away, but something stops me.
Mike and Alyssa.
They are trying to find me, because they keep yelling
They turn around and see me in the cave. I try to run to my friends and ask them what's happening.
But there's a magnetic field around the cave.
I see the waves rippling around it as I try to touch it with my hands.
Mike and Alyssa stare at me in fear.
And then I see a bomb fall right behind them.
I try to scream at them, "RUN, RUN!"
But apparently, it's sound proof.
And as I see my friends topple over, I prepare to do the same.
But the bomb does not effect me, it bounces of the force field and goes off to destroy another part of the city.
I fall to my knees and stare at my lost companions.
I am alone.
I have no one.
I cry, and it's a waterfall pouring down my eyes.
I have no one.
I am alone.
But I will escape this cave. I will escape this city. I will find answers.
And I won't die.

This is a chapter from my book I'm writing called Lost and Found :grinning:
I hope you enjoyed this!


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