Writing Comp: Topic 2 [RubyStars, VanillaOwl, and CreativeCoder, You Made it to Round Three!]




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Username: Rawrbear
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror and a hint of Mystery
Nonfiction, fiction or realistic fiction: Fiction
Age or Grade: Age 12, 7th Grade
What do I do in HS: I used to do pretty cool code projects, and I drew a bit! Unfortunately, I don't have the app anymore :confused:

I am currently writing my sample, I'll get back to you with that later! :wink:


This is my entry for the latest challenge:
"Attention flight 366," the flight attendant said."Due to a dangerous storm, we will be landing in–uh- an alternate universe?" Excited murmur spread across the airplane, but me? I was just confused. I shook my head. "This has to be a dream," I thought to myself. However, I had pinched myself hundreds of times, and it wasn't doing anything. I sighed, and decided to do the one thing that helped clear my head. Coding. I opened Hopscotch, but I was greeted with an unpleasant surprise. "Your device is in airplane mode. Please try again later," my iPad read. I groaned, but it didn't matter, since, we were about to enter the 'alternate universe'. Ten minutes later, we got off the plane. I saw six doors, one with a house, one with some mountains,one with a plus symbol, one with a lighting bolt, and one with a raccoon. Were we in Hopscotch? This was crazy. I started to walk to the home door, but I ended up flying. This was crazy.


@Rawrbear i see no reason for you to continue this disscusion as it was closed i know you really like this topic but do you think it has its use to the community?
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Well, here's some reasons I started this back up:

  • There have been a lot of writing topics.
  • If this hadn't been started up again, this contest would be over!
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So yeah! :wink:


Title: To Space...
Genre: Science Fiction. (Sci-Fi)
Author: VanillaOwl or Hannah (me)

Cosmic Cody stared at the sign.
I bet I could go to space, Cosmic Cody thought.
Before noon he decided to go to Chilianna's house to talk with her, to see her opinion on it. He grabbed one of flyers and started walking in the direction of her house.
"Hey Chiliana!" Cosmic Cody yelled once he reached her house.
"Er... Coming!" Yelled Chiliana from upstairs.
Chiliana came down the stairs and immediately noticed the flyer Cosmic Cody held.
"What's that?" Chiliana asked curiously.
"Read it!" Cosmic Cody said excitedly.
As she read each word as her cute smile turned into a weird look.
"Space." She said like I just said the most stupidest thing in the world.
"Yeah, I want to go!" Cosmic Cody said.
"Be right back." Chiliana said running upstairs.
Cosmic Cody leaned his elbow on the table. Waiting.
Chiliana ran back down stairs holding her laptop in one hand.
"Cody, your asking a lot more than you think." Chiliana said cautiously.
"They do tests...." Said Chiliana opening her laptop.
Cosmic Cody looked annoyed.
"So what! I'm doing it." Cosmic Cody said stomping through the door.
"Oh, umm." Chiliana said as she watched an angry Cosmic Cody.
When Cosmic Cody got back home he called the number on the flyer.
"Hello? I want to apply for the trip to space?" Cosmic Cody said.
And soon, he will go to the Hopscotch Space Academy where he will become an astronaut.
4 days later he was sent on a bus and arrived at the H.S.A. As he thought, it was a lot bigger than he assumed.
"Come on boy!" Someone said.
"Oh, right!" Cosmic Cody said.

The tests he had to do made Cosmic Cody nervous. He had to drink a liquid the supposably was to make him "float". Well, he did, and as promised he floated. Not even on command. Then they tested him, and they gave him his uniform. And soon it was the day of his launch.
But then, something unexpected happened. The rocket ship disappeared!
"What's going on...?" Cosmic Cody asked worried.
"The liquid you drank... Your becoming invisible!" Says one of the team members pointing to his arm.
"Oh no!!!" I can't become invisible!" Cosmic Cody yelled, his hand nearly see through.
"Come with me." A girl in a dark hoodie said grabbing him by what was left of his arm.
"Stop that girl!!" Said the leader.
The girl in the hoodie ran with Cosmic Cody, pulling him into the basement where it had a bunch of potions and food that Cosmic Cody didn't notice.
The girl took off her hoodie, which revealed... Chiliana!!
"CHILIANA?!" Cosmic Cody yelled.
"Yeah... Cody! Those people are evil! They are bad news..." Chiliana said quietly.
She looked around, knocking over bottles, rushing to make sure Cody doesn't fully become invisible. She finds a bottle with clear liquid in it.
"Drink this." She says.
Cody drinks it and soon gains himself back.
"Thank you so much Chiliana!" Cody says hugging her.
Chiliana blushed and smiled.
"Next time you see a flyer on the streets, do research about it!" Chiliana laughed.
"Let's go home, follow me."
Chiliana brought Cosmic Cody to Chiliana's house.
"Thanks again." Cosmic Cody said shyly.
"Don't mention it..." Chiliana says.


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Username: a10
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Nonfiction, fiction or realistic fiction: Fiction
Age or Grade: Age 11, 6th grade
What do I do on Hopscotch: Code

Cami and I rubbed our palms together, trying to stay warm. It was only 30 degress outside, and we evidently forgot our coats on the bus. Cami leans her head onto my shoulder, and I didn't know what to do besides to keep walking.
"Jack, can I tell you something?" Cami asked me, now lifting her head from my shoulder.
"Sure," I said. "Anything."
Cami hesitated, I don't know why but we both stopped walking. She froze for a second, like she was in a trance, but then she simply shook her head and said, "Nevermind- so what's the plan with this guy we're hunting down? Why do you think he is on to us and keeps on following us? Does he know something we don't?"
I shrugged. There was nothing to say. I stuffed my bare hands into my jean pockets.
"Jack what's up with you?"
I looked down at the cold forest floor. "I dunno, I've just seen stuff that I haven't seen before with that guy, it wasn't so normal what I saw," I shrugged it off. That's when I realized something. I was walking with nothing but jeans and a short sleeved shirt. We walked for hours. Where were we going/
"Cami where are we going?"
She didn't answer, but she just kept her head down. Her pale face and her midnight black hair would fit a vampire I thought. Only that she was sneaky.. And pretty.
I kept walking, trying to avoid sharp rocks. Why were we in the forest anyway? Cami wanted to show me something important, so I followed her without asking any questions.

Before long, we stopped at a place. Cozy Nook.
"And exactly what is this?" I questioned. She implied that I should follow her, so without any other questions I followed her into the shack.
When I walked in, the first thing I noticed. All the lights were turned off. No sound or any movements. Suddenly I felt a cold hand grasped my arm and pulled me into a small room with light.
The old woman shut the door, and by the time she turned around. I saw her face.
"Oh hello dear!" She exclaimed, giving a nasty smirk. Her face was covered with warts and bumps of all sizes, leaving layers of wrinkles in her face. She had small eyes, but when I looked into them, it looked like a skull was engraved into them. She gave me a sweet look, but then it suddenly turned into a mode of darkness.
She grasped my arm again and the lights went out. She grabbed something. And I screamed.


Sorry! One round left:
Final challenge:
Create a Hopscotch...Documentary? Yup! Pretend that you're a reporter NEW to Hopscotch! Write your notes!
Due in 2 days


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So, should I pretend to be a reporter interviewing the Hopscotch Team?


Monday, September 22.

Dear journal, today my teacher made me download a game called "Hopscotch" it seemed boring so I didn't touch the app that much.
"Alright class let's open up Hopscotch!" My teacher said to the class.
I rolled my eyes, it seemed boring at first.
"Ten minutes everyone, get set up and have fun!" My teacher said.
After setting up my account with information I clicked on a game called "Make Cookies!" I found it fun a bit. Alright, not to bad. I say in my head. I realized that there were drawing pads that I could draw on. I was still figuring out this whole make-a-project-to-be-on-the-front thing. Whatever that meant, heh. I began clicking random things just rapidly pressing my fingers everywhere:joy: Well, after school I spent the whole day trying to do things but that didn't go well, whateves maybe tomorrow!
Tuesday, September 23.

Today I found out more about "Hopscotch" by clicking random things. I made a octopus draw a rainbow line and figured out how to "publish" it. I thought it was awesome. Then I drew a bunch of things and published that.
Wednesday, September 24.

I found out what "liking" means. I have none so I clicked the little heart on my projects, then liked a bunch of random peoples projects. I also became better at Hopscotch a little, I made a Tinkerbell figure out of shapes and oh my gosh I got like 7 likes I was freaking out!! So yeah I actually started doing this like every minute now. I hope to improve my coding skills one day. Hopscotch is so awesome.
Friday, October 21.

It has almost been one month since I have been playing Hopscotch and I swear I love it! It's my favorite game now, I make drawings and cute games, I even made friends! I also learned how to code! So yeah that's it for today's journal entry, good night myself!