Writing Collab!



I was thinking that I could do a collab. A writing collab! Hopscotch RELATED. There will be 12 members: 4 plot makers, 5 writers and 3 editors! Please just fill out the form below.
What do you want to be?
Have you written a story and posted it on the forum?
Do you enjoy ANY of the jobs above?

@TheRainbowChicken: plot maker!
@EggsOnSaturn1: writer!
@XiaoMiaoMi: editor




Accepted! Yey!



Just make sure the story is related to hopscotch!


Just asking, don't things become related to Hopscotch when there's something about them on the forum?




That sounds like saying if you play volleyball on a basketball court doesn't it become basketball?

No. This forum is for hopscotch stuff. Not random stuff lol.


Here's the link:

This isn't the finished version, sorry!


Your accepted!


What do you want the story to be about? I know I'm a plot maker... but what kind of plot do you want?
Funny? Serious? Cheesy in a good way?
Also do plot writer come up with the characters too?


Hmmmmmm........ what about a funny and adventurous plot? If you agree on that of course!


That's almost like saying that the Hopscotch Forum isn't related to Hopscotch because it isn't on the app xD


The Hopscotch Forum is about hopscotch tho. By your logic, if somebody made a topic talking about pokemon, (or anything not related to hs) it would be hs related.


This is correct. I think something can become related to Hopscotch by having something about it on the forum.


That doesn't make sense. If everything automatically becomes hopscotch related if somebody talks about it on the forum, everything is hopscotch related. And I am 99% sure that you yourself have called out topics as not being hopscotch related.


That makes no sense. This is a place to talk about hopscotch. Liza said so. Let's get back on topic now.


I have. I've changed my opinion since then.


Hold on. Just to clarify.

You think that everyone is allowed to talk about anything they want to? You think everything is hs related?

That just doesn't seem right to me.


I'm leaving this topic.


K, plot idea:
Malty (aka origin of the word sempai) is a HSer and loves HS. But she loses her iPad and finds out that people stole it. She follows them and tries to get the iPad back. Then realizes that she can make stuff in real life using her mind and code blocks of course. XD

Just a ■■■■ idea, I won't be offended if ya'll hate it XP