Write a Positive "Essay" For Someone!




Back with another topic! So in the Talk To A Hopscotcher (Take 2) topic, I wrote two essays! I told people to pick a random number between 1 and 10, depending by the number they picked, that's how many paragraphs I put in the essay! c:

It was quite hard work! c: It was fun, though. It also hurt my fingers.... :c

It's a super fun thing to do,a don a super positive thing to do!

So go! Create an awesome essay for anyone you want!


  • The smaller the nu,her they pick, the longer you should make ur paragraphs.
  • In it, explain your feelings towards them

I made mine to BD and Maltese, and tomorrow I'm making SS's!

I hope I get great topic...

CREDIT TO @Bananadog and @CreativeCoder for the idea of this topic!


You can expand the number if you want! XD

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AWESOME!!!!! I will do so many tomorrow! This topic is going to make so many people happy! :D

Here's a bajillion likes for this amazing topic! :D <3 x a bajillion XD :D


Awesome topic!

And I get the first like XD!


I've written so many essays, I can't resist. I'll write one as soon as I can access Google docs. :smile:


Sometimes I write in google docs and sometimes I just write directly in the post! XD



Alright! Your number depends on the number of paragraphs your compliment has! c:

@Maltese. Have you ever heard of this hopscotcher? She is the most kind,
most amazing, best trail artist, and the most helpful person I know! She is
smart and gives good advice! Her personality is super amazing, and more!
If I put all my compliments together for her, it still won't be enough!
She deserves a lot! She is so inspiring to so many people! c:

Thanks to her for helping me with my projects and helping me
get featured! She helped me become more well-known, and
made my trail art even better! She uses
her brain full of commen sense and helped
me through all the different ways! You helped
me love Hopscotch and trail art more than I already do! c:

I want to tell you, Maltese, that you deserve all the shout
outs, features, game changers, trendings, compliments,
risings, and every good thing that ever existed in
Hopscotch that ever happened! Speaking of shout outs
... I would like to give a shoutout to her! She is
awesome and deserves more features than one! c:

Maltese is an amazing person! She
is super kind and amazing! Did I mention
that she is the best hopscotcher I ever knew? Well,
she is! She is so awesome and amazing! She is clever and smart,
awesome and the best! Sorry for using the word
amazing so much. Maltese is so phenomenal!
Maltese is so spectacular! c:

Maltese, here is an acrostic poem for you! M for Marvelous!
Marvelous means that she is marvelous at trail art, amazing
far everything! A for amazing!
Amazing is an amazing word, we should
use it more often! L is for loving. She cares for the community
so much! T is for terrific. Thanks for being terrific,
Maltese! E is for excellent. She
is probably the most excellent person I know! S is for smart! She
is super clever, and has lots of commen sense. E is for
every trail art project by Maltese is awesome! All of it. No joke!

And lastly, to conclude, I would like to say Maltese is an
amazing person. She is the best trail artist
and friend I ever knew! She is clever and smart! I love
her amazing projects and her personality!
She is the best hopscotcher I know!

It took me forever to write this! XD @Bananadog, pick a number between 1-10!


@Bananadog. The best artist ever known. The best
coder ever known. Hey, BD, you know you should
be a famous artist when you grow older! XD You are
an awesome asparagus potato! You are wonderful and
amazing! I love your personality! You are also so positive
! Your positivity inspires me to code and be
positive! You are so smart and clever and amazing and
awesome and spectacular..... I could go one and on and
on and on and on and on and on and on.... But should I
stop? XD Anyways, you are the amazingest hopscotcher I know!

There isn't enough compliments in the whole world to give
to you, you are such an amazing artist. I mean, seriously. If
there was a scale to rate you art for, 1-10000, I would say
you broke the scale since it was so good. Maybe like this:
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000+! XD
You deserve every compliment someone ever told another
person! You are so positive! I'm speechless of how I
am in awe of you every day! You're the one that inspires
me to code! You're the one that inspired me to come on the forum
everyday! I love to see a notification from you!

Even though you don't do much to me anymore,
I don't mind, since I still really like you! You're projects
are seriously the best! I have never seen a project better
than your coloring book project. Take that back. All of your projects
! I'm just so in awe of your posititivity! Way more than me!
c: You help me through my projects and my struggles of well-
known!, and I APPRICIATE that! You are so super
duper ever amazing, and no one, and I mean no one can beat
you in an amazing race! You are the best. No joke.

I liked all your new projects, followed you and unfollowed
you multiple times to get you to follow me when I was still
youn in my Hopscotch age! I can't believe I have been on for 7
months, more than half a year, and you helped me through all of it!
You inspired me to do so many things! You got me addicted
to Hopscotch! You are the best hopscotcher ever.

I love to see your art each time you
post it, either in Hopscotch, or in the
drawing topic! I'm so glad that you got all those like,
since you really deserve it! I love your projects, art, personality
, positivity and more! You deserve more than 9999999999 quadrillion
likes one all your projects! You should be one game changers
, featured, rising, and trending
ever single millisecond!


Short essay :sweat_smile:

You will have heard of this Hopscotcher. She is from the olden days of 2014.

She is quite well known despite a shocking lack of Featured projects. She is very helpful and kind.

She is… Bird. Or at least that is her avatar. She is @LazyLizard or LazyLizard​:purple_heart:.

LazyLizard is a good friend of many a great Hop and many an undiscovered Hop. She is kind and supportive and a role model.

I first "met" her last year, when I was fairly new and had no clue what was going on. I guess it started with spamlikes and follows. She must have been on the nine Hops to like my very first project.

Things really changed when she began coding her awesome LizardPad. She needed a little help and several Hops, including me, provided if.

Even now, though she is on a little less frequently and publishes fewer projects, she is still active and helpful! She enjoys helping new Hops and is very good at it.

She is definitely a leader even without the official badge. To LazyLizard: thou art an Awsome Hop. I still wonder if you are @Awsome

Thanks for all the help, LL!
-KVJ, you might know me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
PS, this is so long!
PPS, le XD


Very very very short :sweat_smile: c:


Ikr? I'm so sorry I wish it could be so much longer but alas it must be that small.


This is a cool topic! Here is my short essay!
@KVJ if crazy and a good friend!
Super short right!


Woah that's longer than mine o.O!



@SmilingSnowflakes is the master and queen of snowflakes.
And trail art. She is my senpai, and I don't need to fight B4E929
for it. She may win, but SS will always be my senpai in my
hopscotch heart. She holds a great place in there. SmilingSnowflakes
is an amazing trail art queen. She rules with helping fists, not iron ones.
She is clever and smart, and has many commen sense! And so do
her chakins!

SmilingSnowflakes is an amazing chakin. She inspires
so many people, either with trail art or personality. She is also a great
leader! She reminds people nicely to be on topic, but showing great leadership
as well. It is obvious she is a great leader. She shows so leadership
in many ways, and never fails to show it. She is funny
and nice, and I feel like I can be myself around her.

SmilingSnowflakes is super helpful. When
I need code, she is there to help me. It's awesome
how she is almost always on to help people. She also
shows leadership this way. She is happy to help,
and slow to anger. In fact, I have never seen SS angry
before! She is always kind and calm. When she is
upset, she doesn't show it! This thing is the thing I am
most inspired of out of her!

SS inspired me to do trail art. I thought her trail art looked
super cute and original, and I wanted to do that. She helped
me through all of it. She told me to do change x by -1
or turn 72 degrees. I have never met anyone
who hasn't been helped from her. She is just
amazing. I have no words to explain show amazing
she is!

I have never seen anyone
as helpful as her, or have
seen anyone make a trail art project
better than her. She literally beats all the rest
. She is the best trail artist ever. She is
also an amazing artist. She is very
different from me. She is good at trail
art, I am not. She doesn't need to learn more.
Her trail art is already good. She is also very
compassionate as well! c:

Her trail art project is MIND BLOWN.
Every one of her projects is amazing, deserving
to be in featured. I can't believe how anyone
can code as well as her. She must go on
JavaScript and code there, being the top
most coder their! I feel like SS is appreciated
by everyone! Everyone loves SmilingSnowflakes' trail art and stuff.

And to conclude, I would like to say thank you, SS,
for being so awesome, kind, amazing, phenomenal, nice, spectacular
, clever, smart, and helpful to me. And everyone else. I don't think, but know,
that everyone loves your trail art, personality, and leadership!

@PopTart0219, pick a number between 1 and 10!



You're amazing at trail art, and you're awesome! :D

You're super nice, @EnchantedAnimallover. :D


These are all really nice paragraphs. :D


Since PT isn't replying, pick a number between 1-10!


6? XD

I don't know why lol


VanillaOwl. In my mind, there is a beautiful owl
, fluttering in the cold wind skies. But, to face
reality, she is a person. But no just any person. An
original person. A coding person. She
is the person. She is a trail artist in Hopscotch!
Her code inspires so many people, including the
one and only and one and only me!

VO, you are so smart and clever. You are so
inspiring, and you help so maya people. You have
the right code for something at the right time with
no doubt. Trust me, you would make
a great leader! You help so many people,
and I hopscotch you are the next graduate
of regular to leader!

You make me think, "Hmmm... Hopscotch
or Hopscotch Forum?" I choose Hopscotch Forum
because I know you're super active there, and
I love to see your responses to so many people. I
have liked all your projects! You are such a pro at trail
art. No one can beat you in it! The best coder is the
VanillaOwl, obviously.....

Everyone I see your project, it makes
me smile. Your projects always hold a special
part in my Hopscotch heart. And don't judge about
my hopscotch heart lol. XD You are so kind and amazing
and phenomenal! I can seriously go on and on and
on and on and on and on and on and on!

You are also a very special senpai!
You are so helpful to me, and always there
when I need you! I love it when I'm on at the same
time as you. It just makes me feel happy that my hopscotch
idol is on the forum. I also love it when I receive a like
or a reply from you! It makes me feel very special sometimes! :3

To conclude, I would like to say
that you are an amazing hopscotcher. You
deserve every fan there is. You hold a special place in
my hopscotch heart.



lol, but seriously! :0





That was so nice of you, you are an amazing friend. :DD



Uh my very short essay is above :wink: