Wow we are replying a lot!?


Everyone I just noticed there are new topics like every minute and I just ,aughts to myself I have to take a screenshot!


Yah, lots of people reply at this time. When I'm up at 9 pm most people are not on and are not replying from like 53 mins ago to 2 hours. :cold_sweat:


I am on at 9 pm sometimes later!


Yep in the morning it was the same.. P.s it is 1:17pm for me!


I'm on till 8:00pm. Lol


Yeah it depends Friday I stay up for as long as I can! BOT


What country do you live in? Lol in EST USA it's 4:28


In canda it's 1:28 pm anyways let's stay on topic please everyone


Now it's 4:30


Lol ok now back on topic!