Wow. Really. Goodbye



Wow. And this is what I get for simply asking a question. I didn't even get a chance to post any topics, hardly. Goodbye, forum.


Um…Please keep all topics Hopscotch-related. This isn't Hopscotch-related at all.

And welcome to the forum!


Not to be mean or anything but... this is not hopscotch related...


No, it's an RP on Hopscotch lol


@StarryMoonShine, is it an RP on Hopscotch? I haven't seen it, but I'll check it out if you'd like me to! :slight_smile:


That makes it seem like it's obvious, I knew it was on Hopscotch.


Lol wut


Don't go!
Forum, what did we do to her?!??!
We need to be nice to new forumers!!!!


Maybe you can say that a little nicer. :D