Wow! I mean wow! Please read!



800 posts! I must've been on here for a long time to make that many posts! Now that I'm a regular, it's time to think back about who's helped me! AKA: shoutouts!

The people who replied to my first topic I ever made!

The people who solved my problem in my first topic I ever made!

The first friend I made on hopscotch forum!

The first person I recieved a like by!

The first person to tag me!

My best friends on the forum!!!

Thanks for being there! I hope everyone is still there when I reach my hopscotch milestones such as getting my first featured, rising, and (if it ever happens) getting leader on the forum! Thanks again everyone! :heart: love you guys!


That's awesome!!! :smiley:
Good job!


Thanks for @ting me! I've never been considered as a friend to anybody on hopscotch before! :D

Also great job! I'm waiting for you in the lounge!


I found out what the lounge was... It's actually pretty boring. Just a section. But is there like a special chat topic?


If you mean if we can get off-topic in the lounge, then no. We still have to stay on-topic of HS.


Then... It's sort of useless. I mean, I guess it's only trustworthy people seeing things?


I haven't really found a purpose for it in the 11-ish months I've been a regular XD

I guess for collabs that are more private.

Let's get back on topic now.


Anyway! GBOT! I also wanted to say what a great place the forum is to make friends! It's not one of those pg-13 forums with a bunch of people saying bad words, and starting flame wars in every topic! When I first joined the forum back in November, I thought it was just a place to get help with code, but I see that it's WAYYYY more than that! Thank you everyone!! :heart:


Congrats on 809!

I'm at 1.9 thousand :3


i dont think you should flood the forum with this type of stuff.
you made three topics about something special on the forum.

sorry, this is my opinion


I'm sorry. No more stuff like this. I'm just so happy I got regular! I understand what you mean!




Maybe you can make an achievement topic? Where you can post if you got regular or leader, or trending of featured!


Mai effort:


Nice! Congrats on the 800 milestone!


Woah Congratuverylations!! You're welcome!


I think the lounge is only for welcoming new people actually. :stuck_out_tongue:


No that's the Welcome to the Lounge topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. That's cool though!