Wow, I got these all at once?



I haven't ever seen these badges before, and I got nine notifications at once. Six of them were these badges. What did I do for that? And why do they have those names?


Is this because of what I said to @Anna10? I find it strange that I received all of them almost right after I edited that post...

I dunno!


They were just added yesterday. Please make sure a topic like this doesn't already exist :wink:


(Here's a like!)
No, everyone got those badges spontaneously at the same time! It has nothing to do w/ what you said! :D


Oh, okay. Thanks!



Because of me? :cold_sweat: I guess I will leave


No, no! Not in a bad way, a good way. I said something mean to you and changed it to something nicer, and I thought that was why I got those badges! Please don't leave.


Ok sorry I just saw the post that said I am in