Wow! I can't believe what just happened!


I just made a new project called "Help Pop-Tart" it is a game where you draw a face for a trail art pop-tart I made. It was getting a bunch of likes so I looked on trending and it was at the top! I can't believe it! Thanks so much Hopscotch Team! You don't have to but if you want to check it out it might still be on trending. If not my account is called watermelon~art. So bye! And thanks so much!


Why am I always watching trending when your project is at the top...



Unfortunately I probably wasn't able to play it. :confused: My school HS of our iPads.



Thanks anyways! Have a nice day!


Cool! Can you link the game for us to play...if it is good enough, I will give you a surprise :new_moon_with_face:

I totally am not going to do something nice or anything...


Can you give me the link so I can play it? :slight_smile:



Found a huge bug in the game


The hopscotch team doesn't control trending it means people like your project!


Oh, that's tragic. ;n;

(Yet i like to be a little dramatic)


Since I made it on my phone it will probably glitch a bit or a lot on an I pad. Sorry.

I think this is it. Some people had a total glitch so if that happens with you I'm sorry. It's just because I made it on a phone.


I'm pretty sure it doesn't


Oh, okay! Thanks for telling me!


Sometimes it seems like it does on iPads but sometimes it doesn't. Maybe it's just something I coded.


Also here is the glitch in video


Yeah, sorry about that.


It's okay, hopefully this can maybe help you fix the glitch ;D


Yeah! I saw your project! I liked it!


Yes, I know the glitch. Where the pen makes lines and stuff. I've had it happen in other drawing projects before, but I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. Thanks anyways!


Thanks! I think I've seen your profile on hopscotch. Did you make the game website or not?