Wow 68 likes in one day... That's crazy?


Everyone I got 68 likes in this project called the best background! in one day and I don't see how... Well all I did was make a hsb background and add cute smiley faces.. Well I would love the feedback from you guys on why u guys loved it so much so that I can make more projects like this!
Please check it out if you have not seen it yet!


It's an awesome background!


Sthanks do you think I should make more of these yes or no be honest!


that is soo awesome dude


Ok thanks but I'm not a dude lol I'm a girl so do you think I should make more projects like this? Yes or no be honest?


Make more! If you enjoy, of course.
Don't make things to be popular, make things you enjoy.
Be happy.
Sorry, I was just thinking about that. :wink:


I liked it! Great project! :smile:


OK yeah I really enjoyed mixing the colors to make something cool thanks for your feedback!


Thanks do u think I should make more projects of this yes or no?


yes totally make more and post is on Instagram or Facebook


Sure! Give the people what they like, and what you enjoy! :wink:


Should I make more of these project So?

  • yes
  • no



and soo sorry about that


Wow that is so cool! Good job!


I don't have that but I screen shot the backgrounds and always use them as my backgrounds!


It's fine! It's ok


Thanks and do ou hunk I should post another one today?


How do you make the quiz?


Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it


Well I am new so can you plz help!