Wow.... 300 likes on my project...?


Wut! (XD why so many likes lol. Dis is pretty sweet...


Because the project in question is Amazhang.


Congratulations! Which project is it? I will check it out when I go on Hopscotch!


Hey @William04GamerA and @KVJ_Is_Awesome_2.0 and all the others who liked this. You are great hopscotchers. Could you consider doing a collab anyone? --- ;}


Its called "me pixelized"


Oh that! I saw that, it's awesome!

Btw I'm not @smishsmash and I'd love to do a collab if I had any ideas and weren't in so many :wink:


I am currently making Pokèmon Go in hopscotch and I will start school soon. But, maybe later this fall?


@Real-Lucky-Coding, what is your hopscotch username?


Just search up Me-Pixelized! It's the first result!


@Real-Lucky-Coding I just followed you! And liked ALL your projects! They're amazing and deserve 99999999999+ likes! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Me when I got 2000 likes :0



Congrats! Is it on Rising?


@Intellection74 @Mathgirl @SmilingSnowflakes @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 @BuildASnowman, what is your opinion in the word crud?

To me, it just sort of bothers me. Like I feel that younger kids on the Forum may use it IRL and they get in trouble.

But I just may overreacting.

I am just getting your opinion, not for me, for the younger kids to keep them safe with their language.
@ me if you have a response for me.


I'm pretty sure if it's not blocked by the
filter, it's okey. :D

Although I'm not really comfortable with that word.


@Kitkat26 I agree with you, older forum members are supposed to be setting an example and especially with lots of likes people will look up to you. I might be over reacting as well!


It's one of those words used in place of a bad word, and although it isn't blocked, I'd recommend not using any language here that others may not be allowed to use.


It's not used in place for a bad word though, right? :0


Nah, it's just a cleaner version of it. But they're used in the same way. :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying! :D

So.....darn is also not allowed? Or dang? Or anything like that? Just checking :D


Again, it's allowed, but I wouldn't recommend saying it, since some may not be allowed to say it or something.