Wouldn't this be a nice block to have?


Wouldn't this be a nice block to have:

I think so.
(I used art studio to make this)


Golly gee, yes it would!!! It would be awesome if you could make something point towards something else :smile::smile::smile:

P.S. Grrr I can't like (wow, I'm acting like a real bear! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


OK, but how does the code know which way your thing is facing? Your thing could point away from wherever instead of toward it.


Maybe you can use the "Point Towards" block to make a character facing another character, and that would be helpful :grinning:


It would just set the direction to where it's pointing at wherever you put in.


Yes this seems like it would be useful, and easy block (we will have to stick with the turn block for now)


Cool! Can you use a natural music sign block in art studio too?


I know how to make a point towards system, and made a topic about it


You're use a flip block first


Hi @Valgo! I have tried to make so many games before realising that I need a block exactly like that. It would be perfect! Like making Clash of Clans or a battle game where the opponent's weapons move towards the opposition. It would really make code in Hopscotch easier. I think thta it would have been easier to create @MagmaPOP's Helicopter Rescue game if we had this block (by the way I thought that game was amazing!). Great idea @Valgo! :yum: :cat:


This would be great.
As there is a technique https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xckbvefjc but this method may make things go way faster and maybe reduce lag?


if you turn and move forward then you can do that, but this block would totally be better, it might have glitches though.


yes but it is hard to gt just the right direction :wink: It would be very useful in making enemy AI!


There is a way to do that, but it uses trig and sine and cosine and all that stuff.


Just found this topic and yes we need this for club penguins and battle games and much much more!


Good idea!
Although there is already a similar block, "Set Angle", I think this would be a bit easier!


A revived topic....

Might be helpful in the future tho...




Golly gee? Just where did you say you're from again?


I'm from 'Merica! And I don't know why I said "golly gee" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: