Would you like an upload/save button for your draft?



So, you're working on this almost-finished game with a feature you haven't ever seen that would get you into Game Changers, and you want to log out of your account, because you need to go into a collab account. Your progress won't save though, as projects only save once in a while (the first time you get on the project when you log in), so you decide to publish the project, and then unpublish, but a troll has already saved it as a draft and copied the project into a blank project on their own and published it, getting them into Game Changers instead. ;-; (Unlikely situation unless everyone follows you)
But this could've been stopped if there was just an upload button/auto save every few minutes. It would upload the draft to the server and would always be there near the regular unreliable upload button for you to save your projects in the drafts section and maybe even have a warning for it when you sign out.
But Corv/Reg, I made an inappropriate project and accidentally saved it, I hear you say.
Why would you even make one? That's your problem, not many people who log out's.

Have you ever had the problem where work (mines was 20 colors + everything with code about them in a 100 shades of red draw pad) went missing after you went back on your account after logging out?

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Would this be useful?

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I didn't put this in any of those idea for updates topics because this might've been less noticed. Sorry if this has been asked already...


True. I was drawing something, it was going great, and I logged out for a bit and BOOM! Progress lost.


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Not really, no one is on the forum except you and me (I think)


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Not really... You post on topics, I look at the new pots, and it's u


oh my goodness I lost 20+ hours of hopscotch 2 days ago, and managed to get most of it back, my 340 color drawing pad was at 80 colors, now it's at about 20... that was 5 hours in and of itself, not counting finding the HSB's for the special colors (you'll see... :wink:) but 20 is more than I had 2 months ago... I haven't lost too much time, but one of my projects just didn't come back (:cry:<-tear)

I is here, and it's 9:02 am est, so everybody's @ school in 'murica, I GTG for the bus in 7 minutes


That sounds horrible! You do know there is a button for this though, right? That little cloud button? :cloud:


1: try it w/out wifi :imp:
2: still numbers :confused: close enough
3: I would notice a cloud Icon, and I did


Yeah it's not great you're right. :confused::disappointed: