Would this be possible?


So, I'm planning on making a modern-style drawing pad with things like different tools. What I'm wondering is would it be possible to make a legit fill that fills inside lines. Any ideas on how to make that?


Probably not
You could only fill the shapes of the objects really


Well I'm making a spray can tool but all the clones cause lag. Is there a way to make this without lag?


@Mr.rex This is a really cool idea. With the current available blocks in Hopscotch, probably not, at least not very efficiently. You could do this perhaps by using clones to draw the outline, then using code to determine where the filler clones need to be, based on the position of the outline.

It might be a good idea also to change the title of the topic to something more descriptive like, "Would it be possible to make a paintbucket in draw pad" or something.


For a spray can, you can use one clone and continually set it's position to the touch position +/- random 1 to 50.
And leave a width? moving at a random angle forwards 1
This would use just one clone, but i don't know how long this would take to draw(spray). You could try this with 2 clones and see what happens


Probably with math and clones. It most likely would be to laggy.


Yes, think about it.

If you clone images of the texture it will work but will be laggy.


Like everyone said probably not, heck like I should know. You could fix the lags and such.


Wow that's a great idea!


Legit fill?
That would require many clones lol

When iPad is pressed
Create a clone

When object is cloned
Draw a trail color () width (width)
Set position
x (Self) x pos y (Self) y pos
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lel idk


This would be pretty hard, but almost everything is possible with coding. I have no idea how to do it, though.


Generally, filling spaces in images with a color is done by what's called a flood fill algorithm. In order to do this in hopscotch (which you can't), you would need to be able to pull a pixel color from the screen (which you can't do). Even if you could do that, it would be VERY slow, and you probably wouldn't even be able to fill areas larger than ~0.1 inches squared (on an iPad). If you want to make a "pixel pad" that does this, it would be possible, but still pretty hard.

Also, with the flood fill with a full drawing, unless the edge of the lines that hopscotch draws are a certain way, you'll get weird thin lines surrounding the area you flooded. Long story short, hopscotch can't do something like this.