Would it be cool to have a meet and greet with all the hopscotchers you know and love?



I definitely would period.


This sounds awesome


Some Hops had the idea of doing a Hopscotch-con. It’s still in the planning stages though. I will try to get a link in a bit, my Wi-Fi speeds are horrible right now


Awesome!!! Maybe we could gather all the people that live in the same country?


This would be so cool! :OOO


YASSS!!! I already know a lot of ppl in NZ =)


Are you a kiwi too??


Yea! Why?


Me too!!

Are you north or South Island?

I’m north


OMG I’M AUCKLAND!!! WHat about you??


Same :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Ok not getting to personal but are you north of auckland


I’m north =)
edit: wow… nvm i’m west. arhhh im stupi.d


Omg meeeeeee toooooooooooo




I live in henderson! WHat about you?


I live in Orewa!

Ok I think we might be getting way to personal now, so maybe we should not go any closer now



Wow… We are 39.5 km apart… =D


I have already considered tracking down people. That’s kind of hard though. I think it would be great, but my parents don’t know about HS or the forum. sneeks into car and drives off to find Mimi and Kay Kat


I would really like to meet T1. I know she lives in Australia (I do too) But i’m not sure which state.


that would cost a lot of time and money, like plane flights and so on
bad idea llama


ur west of auckland not north!