Would I be able to make this game?


Could I make a game with beEr in it.Its where someone orders a drink and then your the bartender and you have to get them the drink before they get angry.Could I make it?


I think that would be ok. But idk


That is a good idea but maybe not be.Er
How about:
Soft drink
Mocktail (cocktail with no alcohol)


Yeah maybe

Thx !!


How about juice or sofa?

I think beer isn't ok. Little kids could see that and be influenced. DruGs generally aren't allowed.the word d.rug is even blocked!


Your welcome
But plz could I have a tiny bit of credit on the drink


Maybe root beer?

Or the options @Jades suggested! :D


Yeah of course

I'm not good tho so it won't get far


Don't say that your great


Ok thx :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You might.... Ask @Madi_Hopscotch_ about that, cuz she made a game called "Lemonade Stand" and it's kinda like what your trying to do


Yeah, what everyone else said. Sofa sounds like a good idea @bluedogmc-official :wink: