Would anyone want to make a collab account with me?


This collab will be with 5 people.


Username on Hopscotch:____________
What type of coding are you best at:_____________




For the first [details], make sure not to put a slash, then it should work. :D


Thanks, @Intellection74!


May I be part of the collab?


Sure, just fill out the form! :slight_smile:


[quote="Smartypants, post:1, topic:19676"]
Username on Hopscotch: AwesomeNachos||AOPRT What type of coding are you best at: Technically anything I put my mind to.




Username: murphy​:smiley_cat:
What type of coding are you good at: I don't really know but on one of my projects I have (currently because it's on rising) 163 likes and that's shape and angle sort of stuff


What will be making I may join after I know??


Idk, just random projects



I'm sorry, but I am cancelling this collab because I am quitting Hopscotch.
More information at my other topic: Probably Leaving. -Smartypants