Would anyone want to do a Collab?



I'm ready for a collaboration! I have this project that was going to be a mix of a RPG and a side-scrolling game called A Moon's Quest. I just wasn't sure what to add to it. I think working with a partner or two would help make this game amazing! Any Ideas? :thinking:


I would love to help but I'm in a lot of other Collabs at the moment!

Maybe another time though! :D @JessieCA


Thank you! I hope we get to work on one eventually!


That would be great! @JessieCA
I hope your collab goes awesome!


@JessieCA would you like to join this collab?
If not then ill do a collab with you


Thank you! How do we set up the Collab?


Do you want to make a collab account on hopscotch?


I like RPGs but I'm not doing collabs because of time, sorry. :confused: