Would anyone want to collab with me?


Hi! I just wanted my own topic because when I do start collabing I need to chat about it here :wink:
I'm so excited to collab with someone! WE WILL COLLAB THROUGH DRAFTS NOT AN ACCOUNT.

Sign up sheet

Has been on hopscotch for 3-4 months-
What is your coding style?-
Have you ever been in rising, trending, featured?(doesn't matter if not :slightly_smiling: )-
Are you helpful and kind?-
Will you be active?-
Are you advanced at coding, I will check?-
What is your hopscotch username-
Great! Fill this out and post below!

What we will make

We will be making something we can decide together!

We will communicate through drafts! Meaning we publish, save to draft, work, publish, and we can chat here or through the drafts too!
I can't wait for this all to happen!


I would have to give joining some thought, but I'll think about it!


Here's a :heart::wink: @LazyLizard you can think all you want! No rush :wink:


Anyone CAN enter this collab!!!!


I can join! I am in a collab right now, but it is not my turn at the moment.