Would anyone like a custom made profile picture?


I can make a custom made profile pic for you! (example:my profile pic) This will take between 10 minutes to about a day depending on the request and how many other requests I have.


Could you please do a random one for me but related to my username RubyWolf


Could you make me one?
Username: CrystalPanda
Bacground/Logo: Blue Gold and white
Font: Cursive
Extras: Panda and diamonds



I barely noticed you became a Regular, but congrats!

A day?
Corvus (Regulus if you want)
Clear if you can (as in those ones with none, not even white) and crow if Corvus or basilisk if Regulus
Drawn font (finger/stylus/mouse-written)
Black, green, and grey
Idk, you can add whatever that you think I want


@RubyWolf1 I hope the picture isn't too big for the profile. If it is, tell me and I will fix it.


Thanks it's sooo Cute I'll see if it's too big


It's just right thanks so much @Glitter_Kitty!




@GysvANDRegulus My photo editors will not allow transparent backgrounds for some reason. (the pictures turn out completely black) Is there any other background you would like instead?


White because it's the next best thing, and maybe a drawn logo?


I love it!!!! thank you