Would anybody like to do a Sports Club with me? PLZ JOIN!


I was thinking about doing a sports club. We would discuss about sports and etc. If you want to join write your name down below, I will be the leader!!
Also write your favorite sport

Leader: @MYD

Members: @UptownStudios @WinningMonkey

(So far)


Hopscotch Sports Club

I am no good sorry but never mind


I would like to join


Ok, sure, your in, what is your favorite sport to watch or play???




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Yeah, that is what I was thinking!!


Can I join


Yes, sure you are in!!


Do I have to say the sport I like to watch and play
Or not


If you want, I guess!


okay! I don't understand why my post was hidden


We are going to do this on hopscotch and keep it hopscotch related


Can I join?? You can find all my favorite sports in my bio if you click on my name!


I love figure skating, tennis, and soccer


Softball, Athletics, Soccer


We want to join, there is actually a basketball game on the TV right now. Favorite Sport: Baseball. And don't forget, keep it Hopscotch-related. How about we make sports projects in Hopscotch to keep it Hopscotch-related?