Would anybody like to be my coding partner?



Hey guys! I was wondering whether anyone would like to be my coding partner? My hopscotch name is RiverCat:cat::snowflake:. So yeah!

I dont know what to make too. im out of ideas

That would be cool! Could you help out on my projects too? Not a requirement, just asking. My hopscotch name is EggsOnSaturn.


yeah! nice! That sounds awesome! I started a draw ad but I don't know how to get HSB colours. Anyway, are you american? Cause I'm English and that means we have to work out a time.


Yeah, I'm American. I'm free almost all of the time though. You know, school.


So, what time do you finish school? I finish at a slightly weird time, so even with the time difference I might be able to help you work on it then.


Yeah, school finishes at 4, So what time is that in american time?


You're river cat! :D welcome to the forum!


Hmmm... If my time converter is right, I can only work with you on weekends and holidays. Luckily spring break and summer are right around the corner.


Thanks! :blush: Your Rubywolf!


Awesome! That is cool when is your easter break?


About a week from now. If starts on the 24th.


I can work whenever today.. Maybe tomorrow..


kewl I think mine is in a week too...