Would A Rubik's Cube Stimulator In Hopscotch Work?



I have been wondering lately if it would be possible to create a 2.5 dimensional Rubik's Cube. If you would like to make one I could collab with you!
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You should ask @oio. He probably knows how to. :grinning:


Ok, I will! 20202020


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Turn/ Twist the cube, but just looking at it would be fine!


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@oio Would you like to work with me to make a 2.5 rubiks cube? @BuildASnowman or @MagmaPOP, would you?


Anyone know the answer?


Can I join if you collab? (Btw, I don't know your answer)


Yes, I'm hoping that @oio, @BuildASnowman, or @MagmaPOP would know.


I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I can help. I'm not really an expert when it comes to 2.5D, and as far as I can tell the only way this would be possible would be with a BUNCH of check if statements. Although @oio can probably figure out some genius hack for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet you're right! If @oio does know would you like to collab on it?


What is 2.5D, anyway?


Since there is no such thing as "3D" on a two-dimensional screen, Hopscotch projects that appear to look 3D are called 2.5D.




What do you mean? 202020


You could make a flat 2d version.
Like a grid of 9x9 squares with 4 colors and have all the squares move vertcial,horizontal when you tap the arrow beside,above below them.
And try to get the colors to make 4 sets of 3x3 of each color in the corners.
A rubix cube has 54 squares. This flat version would have 81 squares so it still would be a challenege. Probably even more harder.
If i made this i would use leave a trail to draw each dot sauare and delete after each move then have them drawn again.

(I meant 8x8 squares)


I would, but I would like to make it 2.5d. :wink:


Allot more work to do that.
Good luck​:thumbsup:


Thanks for the good luck!