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World Simulator 2.0

Welcome to this topic where World Simulator 2.0 is what is on our mind. Lol. Yes World Simulator 2.0 will be adding a whole new planet!
How it works
You will need 500 people to send people to the Moon! You can switch through planets as many times as you want! This update also brings other small changes
I would like to hear what you guys would like to see in the game! I’ve already had a suggestion about a story line and I’m still giving it some thought. Please if you have any ideas about design or some additions, please put them here! I will continue to update you guys about the 2.0 update! See ya! (Also yes, I’m back to coding!)
Out Now!
NOTE: This is an update, not a new game!


Sneak peak screenshot


is that an image?

‘mommy, @TheCMStudios cHeAtEd!’


That sneak peak and description makes me super excited about the next update! :slight_smile:


That sounds really cool! I can’t wait for it to come out!


Cool, I’m super excited!! I really enjoyed your first world simulator!!


@TheCMStudios Your world simulator is awesome you should add mars


Add a way to wrinkle to another universe! Like, a world that you can’t access from space. A new world that comes with something that is not human.


Wait are you supposed to be able to get to space or something


No, you’re technically already in space


Focusing on one thing at a time but yes I may add that down the road


I see.

I just heard people talking about other planets


Well right now you can only currently work on Earth, but this 2.0 update adds the Moon that you can work on


Oh I see

So space exploration doesn’t do anything


No, it doesn’t do anything extra. I’m thinking about a research function where you have to research to “discover” the new planets before you can “inhabit” them


Update is delayed for tomorrow due to an unexpected bug occurrence. Thank you for your patience.


If you find bugs please report them here
NOTE: Project is in review!


This happens to me


Project is in review


Could you tag me when it has been reviewed?