World Pixel Art Needed!


So, I have been thinking of a really cool statistics/ possible game for a while.


I need a world map.

It would be very tedious to try to make it with trails, so I need a pixel art map!

Only problem: I have no time to make one!

So, I need some help.

Anyone who can make this:

In Hopscotch would be amazing. Seriously, spam likes, follows, everything.

As a preference, could each continent be in a different color?

It would be best if it was a remix of one of my projects (Just throw all the other code out.), but you will be given credit.

So, can anyone help?


Well im HORRID at pixel sooo........ Im no help at all!!:grinning:


Aggressively pokes topic

And tags @PixelMaster64


I am going to have a guess at what you will be making:

Plague Inc. Evolved


No, but I may turn it into that after I make statistics and stuff. :D


I might be able to try if I have the time! When do you need it done?


Oh, and you may need to find a better map that shows New Zealand pointing the right way.
Silently tags @WinningMonkey


Any time would be great! But by the end of this week would be perfect. :D

@AHappyCoder, almost all the other maps aren't what I need. I guess NZ will just be very confused. :laughing:


Does the ocean have to be the same diversity of colors, or can it be one solid color?


But! But! But!



Nope, one color would be fine! :D


I can take a shot using my hack, but it might take a bit. Other people should try before I do, because I'm really not sure if it will work at all, but if no one has offered a solution after awhile I think I might be your guy xD


You can take a shot at it! :D

I think DL is gonna try as well, so if you fail, I have backup. :laughing:


Do you want it to take up the whole screen or just part of it?


I can make this!


An adjustable size would be great. (Using a value in the width and move forward stuff.)


How many people are working on this?










@PixelMaster64, I believe DL and BAS are, but I don't think they are as of now.