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I will try to the first snap-shot 1w1a of world of hopscotch out Wendsday!


Ooh the official design for, bomb sauce the trainer in World of hopscotch

. . - .
( e . e )
( m )
. - ="= - . W
/ / =T= \ \ , /
( ) ==|== ( )
\ =V=
M( oVo )
/ / \ \
/ / \ \
( ) ( )
\ \ | |
\ ' ' |
==" "==


Lol I forgot the forum messes up the text


Snapshot 1w1a has been released early please inform me of any bugs


Human hunter and knight works


I saw your game. It was awesome!!! Here's a like::hearts:


I am hoping to get all races working to day :).


What I'm planning on adding in snapshot 1w1b
-detailed title screen
-tutorial quest
-at the least 1 more playable race
-settings menu to tell you about attacks and how to do certain things
-shapeshifter class
-various bug fixes

After this I will have at the least 3 more snapshots -1w3a- then I work on main storyline which I won't have much snapshots until at least 3/4 the way done :slight_smile: enjoy

-Ethan from Bomb sauce


Hmmm thinking the shapeshifter threw it isn't much a good idea due two it won't at anything "diffrent" to fighting style so it will most likely be changed to a "trainer" who summons other animals that fight for him :slight_smile:

-Allen from Bomb Sauce


For anyone who doesn't know what world of hopscotch is it is fairly new game still in early Dev that Bomb_sauce team is working on including some hopscotches you probaly know!

-Allen from Team Bomb_Sauce


Cool new mountain sunset background


Noticing some bugs while messing around with the characters! Snapshot 1w1b should be coming soon though


I added in some in game music to World of Hopsotch planning on releasing alpha 1w1b today or tommorrow

The song i chose is clocks coldplay



Great! I mean, this is weird that I'm the only one that's reading this topic.


(Most of my people that play my games arent on the forum!) my wifi box was struck by lightning second time this month sorry for the delays also having problem on the quest but once i get one done i should get how to remake other ones


That's amazing! The beggining reminds mr of Star Warz tho XD


Ok back to work almost done with snapshot 1w1b then working on first story line "battle of hammerfall"


Change log

  • New title screen
  • added Qun'Jin race
  • added Undead race
  • added Demon race
  • added health
  • added xp
  • added levels
  • added new currency Copper
  • made new trainer Bomb Sauce design
  • added place for animal trainer although not finished
  • removed assassin class
  • finished knight class
  • finished hunter class
  • added a tutorial quest

If there is anything i missed i will add it :slight_smile:
And now for some tags


Link to snapshot 1w1b


Thanks Bomb_sauce for tagging me! I 've never been tagged before. (Tag, your it. Just kidding!)