Working to Become Leader! 😺


Hey Hops! :slight_smile:
I know, you probably clicked this topic to see who was crazy enough to even try this, and even I doubt this choice myself.
Looking back on my posts, I realized they are very random and sort of off topic. So you're probably thinking, "Lol! No, you can't be leader XD."
I'm trying to change my reputation as a person who uses too many :D's and :3's. And I think a good way of doing this is having a goal, even though it's hard to accomplish. Because I always try to accomplish my goals. Without a goal, I can't really do anything.
But before I even try this, I'm going to try to get Regular first. :sweat_smile: Which means, you'll be seeing a lot of me on the forum even if you don't want to. :3
Please take a few seconds to answer the poll below! It's private so please be honest! :D

Do You Think I Have a Chance?

  • Yes!
  • No!


Thanks for clicking this topic, and bye! :D


I also want to be a leader too !


Me too! I hope I can be regular soon...


Cool! I know it's going to be hard for me, but you'll easily get the badge! :D


I am already regular but I am aiming to be a leader / mod ! I know the resposeablilties and I an manage them !


Maybe ! I am trying my best a,


I hope you become a leader!!!


Who ? I hope @Snoopy becomes a leader !


Me too! I hope everybody on this topic becomes a leader! except me


You're awesome, @Snoopy! :DD


Why not you ? You would make an excellent leader ! I want you to become one !


I don't think I would make that great of a leader.


You know that most people have done this didn't get leader. But try your best.


You would ! Trust me ! You will and If I say you will, it will happen !


?! :0
Why? You're a great role model and I think you would fulfill the responsibilities well! :slight_smile:


Do you really think so? Thanks!


Thanks! But I don't think I would qualify


Your welcome ! But it is true though ....... Right @Snoopy ?


You WILL NOT WILL NOT ! STOP LYING :hugging::hugging:


Yeah! :D
It's better to keep a positive attitude if you want to get something done!