Working on the basketball game NEED TESTERS!


It seems cool but it's quite glitchy :confused:

Also first first and first and third!


It quit glitch but other than that great work!!!


First first first and third????


First like on the project
First like on the forum
First reply
Third tester :stuck_out_tongue:


The link doesn't work for me. I am on a computer


Do you have hopscotch on computer? Or can you not get it at all?


Try on ur ipad or iphone


Ok, I tried it on my iPad and it works.

Cool game! I made a similar game from the Summer Contest but I think yours is better! I like how you did the basketball arch so you know where to shoot! But somehow I was unable to get any balls in, at certain spots the ball wouldn't move.


May I be a tester? I can help if there is bugs.


Sure, but this program is rlly complex!! The link is posted above


Thanks for the info I will try to fix all this stuff!!!!


Tester 1: @MR.GAM3R
Tester 2: @KVJ
Tester 4: @ValueGamesStudio
Tester 5: @Strongerthanyou

Try it now give me more suggestions


I will check it out in a few minutes!


Looking all good! I am able to score hoops without the ball actually going "into" the hoop, but simply brushing the rim. I will try to post a screenshot so you know what I mean.


It's great (I made 3) one bug I would say is that some times when I shoot the ball it creates clones I am not sure if that is suppost to happen other than that the game was AWSOME To honest it should be on featured I really like how the phisics work and how the hoop is made I better stop typing cause you might be tired from reading but it's a GREAT GAME did I say that already?


So, I understand what you mean, but its really hard to do that, cause i have a repeat block on it, and i would have to make another value, and it will go on and on, but other than that u think its good right?


So yes iunderstand what you mean, It acutully is seting the position their it is not infact making clones, but if you try to shoot to fast it will glitch like you said, thanks for the tips, and i didnt get bored about what you were talking about.
Longer things are the better​:+1:

Thanks again


I'm still wondering why it's not on featured oh wait you didn't publish it( the reason I made this is because I want to replay to you)


Oh yeah, this weekend i am going to funish it up hopefully


Its pretty close to being done, which is a good thing