Working on the basketball game NEED TESTERS!


TitanBoy here!

I have been working on the basketball game for a couple of hours. Here are some negative things about the app

-It sometimes glitches and you cant really fix that
-Hopscotch isn't really designed to make this game, yet I made the game

I would like some testers for the app!! Comment below if you would like to be a tester.



yes good


Cool I wanna be a tester plz!



But I gotta go for a gajillion hours ;-;


Tester 1: @MR.GAM3R
Tester 2: @KVJ


Do you wnat to be a tester???


Can I test?


Guys I gott o sleep, I will check this tomorow!!


sorry i dont have time but ill check out the project when it is finished

i was saying yes because basketball lol


Sure @SUPERSWAGGY you can test


Kk sorry for the mis communciation.
This keyboard is so bad it misses half of the words I hit.


Goodnight @TitanBoy! See you tomorrow.


Would any1 else want to be a tester?


Hello, any1 else??? Or just those 3


Tester 1: @MR.GAM3R
Tester 2: @KVJ
Tester 4: @ValueGamesStudio
You Guys Are My Tester, Will Give You Guys The Link Soon!


Can I be a tester I always wanted to be one!!!


Sure you can be a tester thanks for asking


Your welcome how do test I checked your account and it's not there?


I need to post the link, posting it now!!!

Tester 1: @MR.GAM3R
Tester 2: @KVJ
Tester 4: @ValueGamesStudio
If it doesn't work comment below