Working on new game: The HamsterPlex!

Hey guys I am working on a new game called the HamsterPlex! It’s basically Hopscotch FortNite. Please put down any ideas you have for me!


Good luck

3 Likes I’m still working on it


I’m not sure I get how to fight in this?
Also me and @TheCMStudios made a similar game and it was featured you should check it out (it was featured a few days ago)


I’m still working on the zoom but I haven’t coded it in yet for fight. For now the only way is to use a bomb in Customize.
It should be out today. Also, do you mind helping me with some things in it?


Oh yeah I’ve seen that one I really like it


I won’t be on much today though

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If you can help me with the options bug that’ll be great


This is a cool idea! I haven´t actually played Fortnite but I am really excited to see the final result! Can you tag me when you are done making this game?

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How do you tag but ok!

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Me too just people talk about it

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You type like this: @William04GamerA. You can do this with whatever forum username and it will send a notification to the user that you tag (you just got a notification from me).


Oh I’m not on a computer

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Also, can you please help me with the options bug in it? It resets every time I open it.

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It doesn’t matter I: on ipad

Tagging works on all devices. Just try it out by putting a @ before any forum username. Also, I will try to fix your “options bug” when I have time.

If you need any help with the game, just tag me. By the way, my HS username is “Decode, co.” if you want to check me out. I just published a tower defense game on my account, if you want to play that as well.

Ok, I’ve just finished playing your project and I have something to note: You should always make your working project first and then put some designs and the START button last. Ask me if you don’t know how to make the start button work, after you made the base project. Thanks for posting this and I hope I can help!