Working on EWP game!



Hey guys! I'm working on a elemental wolf pack game using images! You play as Plasmo, my character in EWP (Elemental Wolf Pack, obviously), who can't get his powers to work. You most go on a quest to learn how to use them. Here's a pic of what I got so far:

Here, I will constantly update you on progress and if I need help!

Making HUGE space game

It says "world" because I started a spinoff called elemental wolf world


@CreationsOfaNoob likes my game?!??!? Woooooooooo!



I look forward to it!


I- I'm speechless.... Have you actually seen the EWP RP?


Hey, guys, I need help figuring out where to put the controls.

As you can see, there's not much room because of the dialogue and map. Any ideas?


No, but your description looks like it could turn into a nice game!


Yeah..... Um I need help with something. Look at post #6


Ok... I think it would fit in the left corner, where it is now. Especially if you had some other buttons on the right side, that would make it easy to play.

Edit: maybe you can move the dialogue to somewhere you can see it better in?


Hmmmm..... One sec...


My phone is on 1% :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah! Did you draw the graphics?


K bye `


I drew Plasmo and the sun. The rest are RGB-colored trails and objects.


I figured this out:

Now I need to figure out where to put the character info (tells you your level, moves, cash, ETC)




Are you drawing the features and stuff? Because I'd be interested in doing them.


Are you good at drawing wolves and caves? Because that's mostly all I have left to draw, for now...


Wolves? Sure.
omggee caves are teh awesomeness.


Ok. Can u draw BoltStar? Here's some fan art someone made:

Draw it like that, except less cartoony and not howling. Also, make the background of the drawing R 26 G 221 B 243.