Working on drawing pad but need help



I am working on a drawing pad but this is the only hsb color that I know.
Link here. If you guys know any colors for my drawing pad reply to this and tell me how to make a drawing pad please cuz I gots know idea how. If the code is too long to fit on the reply, just tell me the basic stuff because I have watched the drawing video tutorial on hopscotch, I just need colors and how to make the object you want be the COLOR you want it to be and ideas for an eraser cuz I don't knows how to do dat.


If you need help I can help you. Here is my drawing pad : click here


I can help you with HSB colors. What kind of colors do you want?


Thanks! I checked the code for the colors. It seems pretty easy. But the only thing is you have to set value whatever to 1. ( I know you didn't call it that ) Do you have to do that to every color you make except keep adding one to the different colors? Because I only checked your code for one of the colors. By the way that is a cool drawing pad!


I can't find an hsb blue.


Try 240, 100, 100. Let me know if you need more colors.


Ok I'll try that. I'll b back on the topic after.:slight_smile:


It didn't work. Let me go and try it again I probably did something wrong in the code.


What did you do? I could probably help. If you messed up try watching the HSB color video.


I'll go watch the video. I probably forgot a step. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok. Take your time. Trying to do homework while replying to notifications. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


For an eraser, just use a white trail. I'll edit after I check out your draw-pad a little later with more ideas.


Thanks! You da best! That's a really nice blue! I think I'll use it in the drawing pad I'm working on!


Ok! I'll do that. But if it's a white trail, how are people gong to see the eraser?


Thanks!! I just searched hsb blue. Try this website for colors.

That's where I searched for blue. In that box that says type your color value here, type in your color, then they give you a bunch of colors to pick from.


Omg I just realized how much questions I'm asking


Your are fine!! That's what the Forum is for. Asking questions and getting help from people. Don't be ashamed!!


I know that website! I discovered when I got bored.


Cool. Let me know if you need any help with anything else.


No. That's enough. My drawing pad should be ready in a few days.