Working on BB-8 Adventures!

Hello everyone! I updated my BB-8 character and implemented him into a game to test how well he works. Here is the project: I would like responses on what you think of the game, ways to improve, and if it is laggy. I have been coding on a five-year-old iPad so everything is laggy for me, but it seems to work with a tiny bit of lag on my (also old) iPhone. I want to ensure that if I use BB-8 in other projects that he won’t lag. Thanks for reading!

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This seems like an excellent game idea! This game has a very strong foundation to start with and I absolutely hope you continue it. One bug I find playing this is that BB-8 doesn’t or can’t collect the leaf clovers. Other than that, this is a pretty solid game :slight_smile:

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This is a really cool game and it’s quite challenging sometimes too (when you can’t find the :four_leaf_clover: -symbol.) I found the same bug as @Liked21 though. I couldn’t collect a leaf clover that was on the bottom of the screen. Also, there always no lag or bugs in the game at all on an iPad Air 2. Awesome job! :slight_smile:
Also, you should tag @BB-Box. He will surely like this game.


Ok, thanks guys. I had the clover bug as well but I couldn’t figure out if it was my iPad being glitchy or my code being glitchy. My code for the clovers is this:

So I’m not entirely sure why it isn’t working. I’ve noticed you can bump the rogue clovers repeatedly and they still refuse to be collected.


Hmm… maybe put like a rectangle over the character to make sure that you got full coverage? Do you understand what I mean?


I could put a rectangle over BB-8 but I’ve tried setting BB-8’s body on the clover and it still won’t work. For some reason it isn’t following what I told it to do. Later I could try the rectangle method but if it isn’t following code with a circle I doubt it would follow code with a rectangle…


ThinBuffaloSr has a good topic on it, I’ll try testing it with my game:

I understand. It seems like @ThinBuffalo might have a solution, like you already mentioned.