Working on a deer plz tell me what you think


So… I’m working on a deer. At school. All pencil… ITS HARD!:joy: plz tell me what you think!


It’s amazing, but you should really post your art on this topic instead of making a separate topic about it!

(P.S You’ll get a lot of likes there!)


How? I’m new to the forum… Sorry


Check this tutorial out! I would have done this myself but my phone wouldn’t let me post a picture.


If you click on the first link ArtisticCoder showed you, you go into a topic where a bunch of different artists post their artwork. That way everything is in one big topic (instead of a lot of hard to find ones) and other artists can see your awesome deer!


Woah! That is amazingly good! Great job! Perhaps share your work in the drawing topic to get even more input?


How do I do that? Can I just change it from here? I’m sorry is this is annoying all of you. But thanks for the information!!:heart:


Click on the first link I gave you and post the picture of your deer on that topic. @itzMya and @William04GamerA replied to you with some really good tutorials, so you might consider re-reading those replies!

And no, you’re not being annoying, we just want amazing talent like your’s to be more appreciated and it’s (not a very strict) rule that art must be posted on the Drawing Topics!

If you still have concerns about using the forum, first finish @discobot’s New User tutorial by tagging him/her like this

@discobot start new user

After that, you can learn further by tagging like this:

@discobot start advanced user

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Next time, just post art related posts on the topic @ArtisticCoder suggested. Thanks for being on the forum!


Nice I like it…

Also, yeah like what @ArtisticCoder said


Next time you make art, go to the drawing topic and post it there. (The drawing topic is linked on the first post)

Sadly there’s nothing you can do about this topic.


I like it, In my opinion I think it’s realistic. Luv the shade!


Thanks for the Compliment! @bluedasher also if you check out my hs account you will see how much better I’ve gotten at drawing!


I already looked at your account, you improved so much! I was going to do your requests forum ;-; I dunno how to explain it! I draw differently now and I’d give my drawings 4 stars :neutral_face:

Here’s what it looks like now:


I know, I’ve seen your account. But idk if you checked mine. I drew a purple haired manga girl, and I think it’s on an SG3A level. You should check it out! The title name is Purple Bubble Anime! So yeah! I also saw you liked my art pad


Ok I’ll check it out! Thanks for telling me!


I’ve seen it already, when I saw it I was like: “girl she is just drawing GOodddDd” I’m really surprised how much you improved! You are a very hard working artist :slight_smile:


Thanks! It’s probably because I’ve just been drawing ( on paper and iPads ) for a looooong time!


So here are some of my manga drawings on paper. I had like over 100 copics in my art room, so I put them to use!