Working Hopscotch Ukulele



A working ukulele with extra benefits.

Here’s a screenshot:

I started this project a few hours ago, and now I’m finished.

Disclaimer: If I got something wrong, please correct me. I don’t play ukulele :stuck_out_tongue:

Please enjoy the project!

Hopscotch Curators Q&A!

Cool! I don’t play ukulele either, so I cannot tell if you have made any errors or not. But the project itself is awesome, so great job!


Nice project! I think it might be stuck in the filter, though, it doesn’t show up in your published projects for me.

Hopscotch Curators Q&A!

Oh, that’s weird. But I think it’s working now.
Thanks for the support @William04GamerA and @Mathgirl!


That’s really amazing! I play the uke, and I’m pretty sure you got it mostly right (if not completely right)

I started working on something like that, but with a Bass (that should work better than the one on garage band because the garage band bass socks.), like a month ago and I still haven’t done too much (probabaly because I procrastinated) How did you finish that amazing uke in a couple of hour?


I was really determined, and if I’m determined, I can do it. I just really wanted that to happen, so I did it. I have no idea how I did it in that time span really.